Celebrities Who Have Compared Themselves to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Madonna, J. Cole, Cynthia Bailey and more.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words, thoughts and hopes live on almost 48 years after his death. His legacy has had an impact on a national level as well as individual, and has also inspired some celebrities to compare themselves to him.

MLK is a role model to many, so it’s not surprising that politicians, rappers, TV personalities and more have attempted to put themselves on his level (even if they got flack for it). Find out which celebrities have compared themselves to MLK in the gallery below.

  • 1 Lil Wayne
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    “Cause I’m doing the same shit Martin Luther King did / Checking in the same hotel, in the same suite bitch / Same balcony like, ’Assassinate me, bitch!'” — “Playing Fire” by Lil Wayne

  • 2 Charles Koch
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    Charles Koch compared his political mission to MLK’s vision back in August of 2015, according to Forward Progressives.

    “Look at the American revolution, the anti-slavery movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement,” he said. “They all sought to overcome an injustice. And we, too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back.”

  • 3 Black Thought
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    “I’m like Martin Luther King, you like Rodney / The difference is I give it everything inside me” — “Doin’ It Again” by The Roots

  • 4 J. Cole
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    “This is Martin Luther King in the club / Getting dubs, with a bad bitch / In his ear sayin’ that she down for whatever / In the back of his mind is Coretta” — “She Knows” by J. Cole

  • 5 Madonna
    While promoting her Rebel Heart album last year, Madonna posted a picture of MLK in the style of her album art on Instagram. “This #rebelheart had a dream!” she captioned the pic, which showed MLK with black wires over his face.

  • 6 A$AP Rocky
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    “Young Martin Luther King, with a dream That one day that my team, we can make it with this rapping” — “Demons” by A$AP Rocky

  • 7 The Game
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    “I’m Dr. Martin Luther King with two guns on / Hughey P. Newton with Air Force One’s on” — “Gangbangin’ 101” by Snoop Dogg featuring The Game

  • 8 Cynthia Bailey
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    Cynthia Bailey compared herself to MLK on Real Housewives of Atlanta when she and her husband were visiting locations for restaurants. They came upon a spot next to a funeral home where MLK’s body rested before his burial.

    “He had a dream. We got dreams,” Bailey said. “This is where we’re trying to be in every way.”

  • 9 Kendrick Lamar
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    “But I ain’t here for no ignorance / I’m militant, as Martin Luther King / In the penitent, aiming for my dreams” — “The Relevant” by Kendrick Lamar

  • 10 Meek Mill
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    “Even though I had a dream like Martin Luther King / Who thought that I’d be cover of these magazines / ’Cause I be spitting fire flow, I’m kerosene” — “Intro” by Meek Mill

  • 11 Missy Elliott
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    “Yep I’m a top leader, I got the Martin Luther King fever / I’ma feed ya, watch ya teacher, need to preach ya” — “Wake Up” by Missy Elliott featuring Jay Z

  • 12 Method Man
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    “Heh, ya’meen, I’m taking one for the team / Like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream” — “Dirty Mef” by Method Man featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard

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