Cardi B Just Wants To Do White People Activities In Peace In This Love & Hip Hop Sneak

"Ever since I took that etiquette class with Tara, all I wanna do now is white people activities."

Seems like the beef between BBOD and Bianca Bonnie won’t die anytime soon, and if Bianca Bonnie needs to tag someone into this ongoing battle, MariahLynn let’s her know that she’s waiting ringside, ready to go. What Cardi B originally planned to be a calm day with the girls in an effort to do more “white people activities” turned into a plottin’ session against BBOD. While Bianca is trying to stay on her best behavior, MariahLynn doesn’t seem to be playing games. “And y’all said blowing glass wasn’t interesting!” [Insert maniacal Bronx laugh here.]

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