All of the Times Celebrities Looked Stupid Wearing Balmain

They're Balmainiacs.

Balmain is having a moment.

The French brand, first founded in 1945, has become hyper chic in recent years after Olivier Rousteing was appointed the creative director. Rousteing has been building a Balmain army ever since, famously posing with the likes of Rihanna, the Kardashian-Jenners, Cara Delevingne and more.

Balmain is now beloved among celebrities and though it’s haute couture, it doesn’t always look good on. The brand’s opulent beads, militaristic feel and avant-garde concepts are often too much to handle. Less is more, non? Here are all of the times celebrities looked stupid in Balmain.

  • 1 Alessandra Ambrosio
    Getty Images
    This looks like an expensive Chinese finger trap.

  • 2 Jourdan Dunn
    Getty Images
    Here is gorgeous Jourdan Dunn modeling a Balmain abacus.

  • 3 Kylie Minogue
    Getty Images
    There’s a strange situation happening on Kylie’s chest and it’s not her boobs’ fault.

  • 4 Jared Leto
    Getty Images
    What. Is. This. ISANITY.

  • 5 Elizabeth Olsen
    Getty Images
    Each bead on this cape is probably worth $1000.

  • 6 Sienna Miller
    Getty Images
    Which one of you ate off bits of Sienna Miller’s dress?

  • 7 Kendall Jenner
    Getty Images
    Do we think that the H&M Balmain line is Illuminati or nah?

  • 8 Lewis Hamilton
    Getty Images
    “LION ORDER!” — DJ Khaled

  • 9 Kris Jenner
    Getty Images
    This jacket screams, “I’m rich beyond your wildest dreams.”

  • 10 Kristen Stewart
    Getty Images
    This is either how the dress was meant to be worn or Kristen Stewart lost her sh-t, ripped it to shreds and pieced it back together with safety pins.

  • 11 Kim Kardashian
    Getty Images
    Ladies know the joy of wearing a dress that has pockets. But is this a dress or a really long shirt?

  • 12 Miley Cyrus
    Getty Images
    All Miley’s missing here are some checkers game pieces.

  • 13 Emma Watson
    Getty Images
    Does anyone else see the earlobe / pirate hook formation happening on this sequin dress?

  • 14 Emily Ratajkowski
    Getty Images
    What is that. Someone, please. Help me to understand.