The Most Ridiculous Men Ladies Actually Fought Over

This much drama...over Chris Brown?

Let me paint you a picture that is all too familiar. A total scrub somehow manages to date a super-hot lady. He dumps said super-hot lady and, again, manages to score another fly chick. Then, these two complete dimes end up fighting each other for the scrub. If this hasn’t happened to you, it’s definitely happened to one of your friends. And it’s bizarre AF.

It’s also pretty common in the world of Hollywood. There are a gross amount of instances where gorgeous baes got catty over dudes who aren’t even worth a second glance. Seriously, what gives? Why are these women THOTting with 5s when they could be thriving with 10s–or, better yet, on their own? These nine triangles are, by far, the worst in pop culture history. Relive them in frustration, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 1 Aaron Carter
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    The year was 2004, and both Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan wanted Mr. Carter for some unknown reason. (We blame the spiky hair.) First, Carter dated Duff for two years. Then, he briefly switched to Lohan before going back to Duff. And the result? A catty battle of the Disney queens, filled with crashing premieres, jabs on Saturday Night Live and shady Access Hollywood interviews. It’s a tween tête-à-tête that will live long after Duff, Carter and Lohan are gone.

  • 2 Richie Sambora
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    Why hotties Denise Richards and Heather Locklear would feud over a living gnome like this Bon Jovi guitarist is beyond us, but that’s exactly what happened. Drama arose when Richards began dating Sambora amidst his nasty split from Locklear. A war of the words soon followed. Locklear even allegedly parked in front of Richards’ pad and blared “Living on a Prayer.” Does that not give you life?

  • 3 John Mayer
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    Many outlets report the “bad blood” between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry started because of Mayer, a known douchelord and guitarist. Here’s what went down, per Page Six: Mayer kicked Swift to the curb in 2010–prompting the revenge song “Dear John”–and started dating Perry in 2012. Mayer was “humiliated” by the song, and Perry soon started “making digs” at Swift left and right. Ladies, you’re both flyer than Mayer. Let’s suck the blood out of this, eh?

  • 4 Stevie J.
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    Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust’s beef over Stevie J. is Love & Hip Hop legend. The digs! The shade! The Molly the Maid T-shirt campaign! Don’t act like you forgot this. (Stevie J. and Hernandez’s spin-off show, Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood, premieres Jan. 25 on VH1.)

  • 5 Birdman
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    According to Madame Noire, Keyshia Cole got physical with Sabrina Mercadel because she thought Mercadel was getting cozy with Birdman in his house. And Mercadel’s excuse? She was only using Birdman’s porcelain throne. Mercadel filed a restraining order against Cole, but the “Love” singer evaded prosecution. But again…Birdman? Really?

  • 6 Flavor Flav
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    There is no excuse to get this messy over a dude who wears a clock around his neck. Pumpkin spitting in Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s face–and New York going ham in response–is a VH1 Flavor of Love staple. Even still, this actual cartoon wasn’t worth it.

  • 7 Joe Francis
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    This Girls Gone Wild producer isn’t worth talking about, let alone fighting. But that’s exactly what Real Housewives of Miami stars Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa did. When Francis quipped he slept with both Krupa and her sister, the reality star denied it. This prompted Moura to say, “Joe Francis was right, they’re just Polish immigrants trying to get a plate to eat food in,” which led to Moura punching Krupa in the face. Why did this show get canceled?

  • 8 Chris Brown
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    Brown notoriously flip-flopped between Rihanna and Karrueche Tran. (One night, Brown invited Tran to his house and then literally went to a basketball game with Rihanna.) These two females definitely weren’t fond of each other during this time; RiRi even threw Instagram shade at Tran we still can’t get over. Thank goodness both of these queens eventually kicked Breezy out.

  • 9 Ray J
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    We round out our list with good ’ol Ray J, who somehow caused Princess Love and Teairra Mari to get violent one night at a Los Angeles club. And the reason? Mari was standing with Ray J, making Love go absolutely berserk. So much drama over such a tiny man!