People Who Got Famous By Dating a Celebrity

Not that they're complaining.

Before Amber Rose was teaching the world how to be a bad bitch, she was hitting red carpets on the arm of Kanye West. If you want to be a celebrity (or if you’re a celebrity-in-training), dating a superstar is a perfect way to boost your own profile. (Even household names like Chrissy Teigen and Scott Disick had some help from their famous baes to gain a shinier celebrity status.)

Some of these stars were on their way to fame with their own projects, but dating big-time celebrities definitely helped them get to the next level. Here are celebs made famous by their A-list significant others.

  • 1 Amber Rose
    Miss Amber is busy building her own media empire these days, but she first gained recognition from her relationship with Kanye West. After catching his attention in Ludacris“What Them Girls Like” video in 2008, the two dated for two years. In addition to hitting fashion shows and performances with her man, her iconic snakeskin one-piece at the 2009 VMAs ensured her many years of fame to come.

  • 2 Elizabeth Hurley
    Before we knew her as Austin Powers’ ride or die bombshell, Hurley was simply known as Hugh Grant’s GF, making her debut by his side at the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere in 1994. From the moment she wowed us in that perfect black dress, we became obsessed. Even her Wikepedia says so.

  • 3 Karrueche Tran
    This model gained recognition after dating Chris Brown on-and-off from 2011 to 2015. Breezy fans knew who she was, but the recent revelation that Brown fathered a child with someone else while they were together has made Karrueche a household name in the world of celebrity drama.

  • 4 Casper Smart
    Casper was an established performer when he became one of J.Lo’s backup dancers, but their on-and-off relationship dating back to 2011 is what really brought him into the spotlight.

  • 5 Stacy Keibler
    You probably forgot Stacy was a WWE wrestler. That’s because she really got famous by dating Hollywood’s most iconic bachelor, George Clooney. We thought she’d be the one to tie him down, so once they broke up, we couldn’t helping keeping up with her life. She married Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre in 2014 and welcomed a daughter, so she’s clearly still not as torn up about their break-up as we are.

  • 6 Tameka Raymond
    This Hollywood Exes star was a celeb stylist with clients such as Jay-Z, Ciara, Nas, and Mary J. Blige, but it wasn’t until Usher hired her in 2006, when we really noticed her. The two sparked a romance and were married in 2007, had two kids, then split in 2009, but we still see her doing her thing.

  • 7 Blac Chyna
    She can thank Tyga, Kim Kardashian, and now Kylie Jenner, for her fame. In addition to having a child with her former fiance (the two broke up in 2014), she was in a very memorable belfie with former bestie Kim. Now, we’re keeping tabs on her ongoing shade-off with Kylie.

  • 8 Scott Disick
    We wouldn’t have known this NYC socialite if it weren’t for his tumultuous relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, as seen on many seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Now he goes by Lord Disick, and “famous” doesn’t do him justice.

  • 9 Kevin Federline
    I literally couldn’t tell you who Kevin was before he was linked to Britney Spears. (My research says he was a dancer and model.) He and Brit got hitched in 2004, had two babies together (Sean Preston and Jayden James), then filed for divorce in 2006. We’ll still always know him as K. Fed, the guy who hung with Britney in her shameless, Chaotic, cheeto-loving stage of life.

  • 10 Elisabetta Canalis
    Elisabetta was already making moves as an Italian actress but dating George Clooney from 2009-2011 made her an international star. He just has the effect on people.

  • 11 Tahiry
    Tahiry was put on the map after being romantically linked to rapper Joe Budden, and their time on Love & Hip Hop New York. But now she uses her platform to develop her own brand, and create multiple beauty and fashion lines.

  • 12 Suki Waterhouse
    We sort of knew who this young model was, but dating Bradley Cooper, one of the world’s most eligible bachelors for two years helped her profile skyrocket.

  • 13 Rita Ora
    Rita flew under the radar with early songs like “How We Do (Party)” and “R.I.P.” before being romantically linked to Rob Kardashian in 2012. Photo opps with the reality king definitely helped solidify her fame, but their nasty break-up and Twitter feud (when he accused her of cheating with “nearly 20 dudes”) sealed the deal.

  • 14 Julianne Hough
    We first knew Julianne as the kick-ass blonde on Dancing With the Stars. But when we started to see her on the arm of media mogul Ryan Seacrest, suddenly she was everywhere. While dating Ryan, she branched out into acting with roles in Burlesque, Footloose, and Safe Haven. Coincidence? [/item
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