Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Shares Behind The Scenes Photos From Episode 2

What really goes on behind the scenes on Hit The Floor? James LaRosa fills us in.

Hit The Floor showrunner James LaRosa is one of the most dedicated men in TV — even though filming of the series is done (and only he knows what will happen for the rest of season three!) he is providing us with plenty of behind the scenes photos and backstage gossip from the set. This week, he discusses the killer fire truck dance, what it’s like to work with “Zude” (y’know, Zero and Jude’s celebrity couple name), and what an utter nightmare Kimberly Elise is IRL.

  • 1 James with Logan and Valery
    “One of my favorite surprises this season is Raquel’s return as a Devil Girl. For two seasons she’s been dealing with dudes who were either in love with someone (Pete) else or in love with being a douche bag (Jesse). Let’s not forget her date with Jude, which as we’ve seen was never going to go anywhere (Not because he’s gay but because their ship name would’ve been #Rude). Now Raquel is doing what she loves. And seeing Valery attack the dances has been bliss.”

  • 2 The Cast With Director Jonathan Frakes
    “Jonathan Frakes directed this episode. This photo is taken of the monitor, where he should be instead of spending all day hanging out with the actresses drinking beer. Try to be a little more professional, Riker. (Kidding! That’s not really beer. He is wildly unprofessional tho.) (Okay I’m in love with him and he won’t have me.)”

  • 3 James, On His Deathbed
    “This is me with a fever, going into work when I should be on an IV. I’m ceaselessly dedicated to my craft! And to publicly shaming the person who got me sick. Co-EP DON WHITEHEAD, who wrote this episode with wife/ co-conspirator Holly Henderson. I believe they’re trying to kill me and take over the show. Nice try b****s.”

  • 4 At Knifepoint with Bodyguard/Kidnapper Josh Randall
    “Here’s Sloane’s bodyguard – whoops kidnapper – practicing his moves for the final scene of the episode. In Hollywood you use fake knives for safety. This isn’t one of those times. I insisted on something big and shiny and real. This is me feeling super great about my decision.”

  • 5 Everybody Hates Kim (J/K!)
    “I actually stole this pic from Kim’s Instagram. I wanted you all to see what a nightmare Kim is. We are so done with her shenanigans. Just cuz she’s been in mooooovies, just because she plays Denzel Washington’s wife in like EVERYTHING. We get it Kim! You’re amazing! (Okay I’m in love with her and she won’t have me.)”

  • 6 Dancer Huddle!
    “Here are the dancers in a huddle before the firetruck dance. The Devil Girls circle up before every routine. It’s their time with each other to power up, sing, scream, remember, love. It’s the most exclusive club in town, and it really is something special.”

  • 7 Hit The…Pool?
    “After we shot the Kyle/Teddy scenes by the pool, Kat Bailess, Stephen Colletti and I jumped in because…Hit The Floor. I had a bunch of pics to choose from from that day but this one made me smile the most so I went with it. Kat’s laugh feeds the soul. It took eight months to dry that hair, once we could find it floating at the bottom of the pool.”

  • 8 Zude
    “Zude! Here I am with Brent and Adam, who I adore. It seems many of you feel the same way. One thing that happened in the time we were away was the explosion in popularity of these characters and this story line. People found them on YouTube, wrote a whole bunch of fan fiction and just generally identified with and embraced their struggle. It’s been great seeing them get the credit they deserve.”

  • 9 Life On Set
    “This is everything you don’t see going around the dance when it airs. So much hard work goes into each routine, from the choreography to the set to the wardrobe to the dancers who are suck down water between takes because they are hoofing it hard core. And there I am looking confused.”