The Worst Dressed Celebrities at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Who let them walk out of the house like this?

The 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards aired Saturday night, and your favorite stars squeezed into tight little dresses and suits and smiled uncomfortably for our entertainment. Most of the celebs looked stunning in said tight outfits, but a few missed the mark. By a mile. Seriously, how–HOW?! –did their stylists let them out of the house looking so tragic? These 15 looks are the worst of the worst. Take a stroll through the gallery (maybe with one eye closed?), and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 1 Giuliana Rancic
    Getty Images
    Why did Rancic let her toddler son paste random s–t on this black dress?

  • 2 Diana Madison and Kylie Hart
    Both of these looks suffer from pattern vomit. Less is more, y’all.

  • 3 Lori Petty
    Getty Images
    Bubblicious meets G.I. Joe.

  • 4 Kiernan Shipka
    Getty Images
    It’s a stunning color, but Shipka’s dress would be better without the weird dandelions(?) all over it.

  • 5 Ellie Kemper
    Getty Images
    So…did the designer look at some amoebas under a microscope and put that pattern on Kemper’s dress? Fashion and science are both sad here.

  • 6 Carol Burnett
    Getty Images
    So…these shoes…?

  • 7 Annie Parisse
    Getty Images
    Why did Parisse pull her bedroom curtain and tell her stylist to make a dress?

  • 8 Melora Hardin
    Getty Images
    Cheetah Girls meets the solar system.

  • 9 Diane Warren
    Getty Images
    Why did Warren put her high school mascot on her effing shirt?

  • 10 Lily Rabe
    Getty Images
    This dress looks like it was one color, but then some savage painter went and splattered another on top of it.

  • 11 Sola Bamis
    Getty Images
    The dress is fine. The damn bow is next-level ridiculous.

  • 12 Nicole Kidman
    Getty Images
    Kidman thought she was going to a Disney fairy princess party, not the SAGs.

  • 13 Kristen Wiig
    Getty Images
    Help! A flesh-eating virus is taking over Wiig’s top!

  • 14 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Getty Unages
    A million tiny black bugs have invaded Dreyfus’ dress, and she has no idea.

  • 15 Alicia Vikander
    Getty Images
    Patchwork pandemonium.