Male Instagram Models Who Will Bless Your Eyes and Your Life


Don’t you just love a good thirst trap? Like, really love them? Love them so much you spend one-on-one time getting to know and analyzing them alone in your room at night? Sames. We’ve seen the ladies set their best, most intensive traps time after time. But don’t overlook the fellas who get their life on the IG, too. Unless you aren’t looking to get pregnant. Then maybe skip out on this venture.

Blazing bae LeeZus and his ripples of abs nearly broke the Internet harder than Kim K. recently, and it’s only right that we pay our respects to him and other Instagods who walk among us. See them below and hold them ovaries tight.

  • 1 LeeZus
    Are you wearing protection?

  • @matthew_noszka
    Just another Sunday morning, amiright?

  • @andrehamann
    And PS: he plays guitar. With his abs.

  • @davidgandy_official
    This British bae sparks our interest in international affairs. The ones in his pants, obviously.

  • @nick__bateman
    And on top of all of this, he loves his dog.

  • @kortajarenajon
    We hear he uses his jawline to cut other male models.

  • @robjamesevans
    This trainer gets real personal if you know what I mean.

  • @teriyakipapi
    That filter really compliments those biceps.

  • @itsdonbenjamin
    Is it wet in here or is the east coast blizzard melting?

  • @torrend
    I’d be hitting this bae with more than a towel in this locker room.

  • @broderickhunter
    I picked out those underwear for him, do you like them?

  • @thesorensen
    When sexual bae is a Yankees fan….

  • @sir_drewhudson
    That helpless, flailing tree brand right there is me.

  • @iamgalla
    When bb is a Libra. #Sensitive.

  • @seanopry55

  • @silviutolu
    Is that a straw in your drink, or are you happy to see us?

  • @paulinobenny
    Another day, another sext from bae.

  • @chico_lachowski
    Hideous coat, just take it off.

  • @gioboyparis
    When you take bae to the gym.

  • @riverviiperi
    When bae boycotts drawstrings.

  • @bendahlhausofficial
    It’s a miracle that I can even type right now.

  • @king_david85
    The New Yorker’s profile says he does “Catering for all tastes.” Do with that what you will.

  • @thaddboii
    When you take dimples in exchange for ovaries.

  • @wadepoezyn
    Literally me at this moment in time.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.