Would Kanye or Wiz Win in a Physical Brawl? Celebrities Explain Their Pick

"He's bipolar."

We were just starting to recover from Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s epic Twitter feud, when Kanye reopened the wounds and attempted to apologize, but not without throwing a little shade first. What GIVES, ’Ye???!

Not gonna lie, though, we secretly hope this is the saga that will never end, because not only is it as huge as your ass at prom, but it gave birth to some of the most hilarious memes seen ’round the world. Even celebs have gotten wind of the bizarre brawl (because they can shamelessly like Twitter fights too, guys). We caught stars from shows like Orange Is the New Black and Empire at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-SAG Awards party in LA last night, and asked which rapper would come out on top if the two were to actually go head-to-head in the ring. Does ’Ye have the chops to back his big talk? Is Wiz too high? The celebs weigh in:

  • Samira Wiley (Poussey, Orange Is the New Black)


    “Kanye’s got size on Wiz. Wiz has such a stick figure, [and] I feel like he has heart. Let’s just say Kanye for size.”

  • Ta’Rhonda Jones (Porsha, Empire)


    “Wiz, all day. Not saying I’m not a Kanye fan, but he does a little too much of this [talking hand gesture], he’s getting a little crazy nowadays. I don’t know what his deal [is]. He’s bipolar. Another Andre. I didn’t understand him, I thought I was crazy.”

  • Vicky Jeudy (Janae, OITNB)


    “I’m gonna have to go with Kanye West because I’m a big fan of his. I’m loyal, so I’ll stick with that.”

  • Lamorne Morris (Winston, New Girl)


    “Kanye. He’s from Chicago. And he weighs a lot more than Wiz. Wiz is so stoned all the time. He wouldn’t even be able to get out a punch on Kanye. He wouldn’t feel anything either ’cause his body’s so drugged up. Kanye spazzes on people. Kanye would destroy him. Kanye would fight somebody on accident because he thought they said something. Kanye will fight anything and everyone.”

  • Jessica Pimentel (Maria, OITNB)


    “Wiz. I think Kanye would lose the attention span halfway through the fight and just walk away then color the wall or something. Wiz would be in it to win it and he would fight ’til be saw blood.”

  • Jackie Cruz (Flaca, OITNB)


    “Wiz. Kanye talks a lot, but can he actually [back it up] when it comes down to it? He talks… a lot.”

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