The 14 Best Flavor of Love Nicknames and How We Think They Got Them

They may be gone, but their ridiculous names live on!

Flavor of Love is definitely the OG of the reality TV dating game. Who would’ve thought a show with 20+ girls with very different looks and personalities, fighting over Flavor Flav could be so entertaining?

In season one of Flavor of Love, ya boy Flav felt the girls using their real names was a no go, so he decided to make up nicknames for them. In classic Flav fashion, he had no legit reason to give them these nicknames, he just seemed to pull them out his, you know what. So in honor of VH1’s #14DaysOfLove, we’re giving you our best guesses where he came up with this stuff!

  • 1 Applez
    Must be because of her D cups? Maybe?

  • 2 Bubblez
    It had to be ’cause of her bubbly personality seeing as how Flav knew her at this point for 48 seconds.

  • 3 Cherry
    Well we do know it wasn’t cause there was one in her drink, ’cause that cup is empty.

  • 4 Dimplez
    Do you see them? Cause we don’t. Must be like when they call bald men “Curly.”

  • 5 Goldie
    Clearly named after her locks.

  • 6 Hoopz
    Ok, hers did make sense, but we just love her so she stays.

  • 7 Oyster
    Because she’s from Bikini Bottom…seriously Flav? Oyster?

  • 8 Peachez
    Is she from Georgia? Lawd…Child…no clue, just none.

  • 9 Picasso
    Who would have known that shirt she bought as a souvenir from the modern art museum would be her legacy?

  • 10 Hottie
    David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns
    Your guess is as good as ours.

  • 11 Serious
    Because that’s how Flav wanted to take her [insert sarcasm here].

  • 12 Shellz
    Going to just give Flav the benefit of the doubt and assume that her name is Michelle.

  • 13 Smiley
    He could’ve went with Cheesy or something but to each his own.

  • 14
    Literally 87% of these names makes no sense, but we love Flav anyway.

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