Not Even A Glam Squad Could Save These Celebs’ Awkward Pregnancy Style

Nope. Nope nope nope.

-By Amanda Bell

As any anyone who’s given birth (throw ‘em up) well knows, there are many layers of weird that go along with making a human. First of all, there’s the constant feeling like the wrong smell or texture or even the thought of something contrary is going to come along and ruin your entire day — scratch that, week. “Morning” sickness? Pfft. Try a 24-hour-a-day vom-bomb attack.

Then there’s the fact that you’re always tired, bloated and otherwise ready to tuck in with a party-size tray of cheese fries and tap out ‘til next week/month/year at any given moment. Throw in TFW you’re suddenly taking on the waddly form of a plump penguin, and it’s time to call the wahhhmbulance. That’s especially true when it comes to maternity wear, when the struggle to find anything that’ll actually stretch over your growing belly-dweller is really real.

But we’ve got (sorta) good news. You’re not alone. Even the most celebrated celebs in the biz have an off day or two when expecting a visit from the stork. PROOF.

  • Getty Images
    We’re going to blame this entire ensemble on Saint fetus because he had yet to lay eyes on the world and develop a style palette of any kind (not to mention, achieve his inevitable status as a celeb taste-maker alongside big sis Nori). Because otherwise, this is utterly incomprehensible. The naughty negligee with gaudy jewelry bit is bad enough. But then you add that suggestive belly cupping pose, and we’re at 100% WHAT.

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    Beyoncé was deep into her pregnancy with Blue Ivy by the time this rare style slip occurred, but this Willy Wonka-meets-Yeezy Season 2-ish get-up still haunts us with its very WTFness. Seriously. Was it meant to be some kind of costume cover-up of the baby-to-be? ’Cause, erm, this bodice shape kinda defeats that purpose in every imaginable way. Womp.

  • V Labissiere / Splash News
    This shirt-dress-nightgown (???) thing looks comfortable at least, but a potato sack would have been twice as fashionable, TBH.

  • 4 Ciara
    Getty Images
    Oh, how it’s hard not to love the constant kiddo champion that is Ciara, but this button-down shirt dress did her exactly zero favors. Points for the key kicks, though.

  • Getty Images
    Kourt’s heart was in the right place when she picked this form-fitting jumpsuit, but the dated fabric, ultra low cut of the top and floor-running hemline just did not work.

  • 6 Kandi Burruss
    The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is far from the worst bumpfail offender of her crew (lookin’ at you, Kim Zolciak) but you can’t lie. At first glance, this pic looks like she’s sitting on that dog and it’s all kinds of ???.

  • 7 Kim Kardashian (again)
    Getty Images
    It pains us to pick on her twice here — because (1) ❤️ ? ? ? and (2) we don’t want to spark a Twitter war with Kanye — but Kim, the witch called and she wants her broom fuzz back.

  • Getty Images
    Growing Taylor Swift’s godbabies is no easy feat, but that’s just no excuse for ever putting on this reject from the Oscar the Grouch collection. Never again, James.

  • Getty Images
    Snooki has done so much to clean up her image since her meatball days at the “Jersey Shore.” ??? But when baby Lorenzo was still but a bun in the oven, Snickers’ style was still a hot mess. Between the nails and the two-toned extensions and the thick belly belt that has this whole mini-slash-see-through dress riding all the way up to her bosoms, it’s just a bright red, leopard-embellished fail.

  • Getty Images
    Snowbunny style is hit or miss (mostly) no matter who you are, and even as cute as Jessica Simpson is, she looked like a furry mess.