The Worst-Dressed Stars At The NAACP Image Awards

These stars forgot to shine for a sec.

The 2016 NAACP Image Awards featured some pretty solid red carpet style on Friday (Feb. 5) night, and while there were many va va voom victories (hayyy, Michael B. Jordan and Jada Pinkett Smith) even before the awards starting getting doled out, there were also some pretty terrible slips that left us equal parts cringing and cry-laughing because of their utter WTF-ness.

Let’s take a look at the failest fashions of the night.

  • 1 Keke Palmer
    Getty Images
    As much as we love Keke Palmer, this crime against couture is far too serious to ignore. Not only does the neck thing look awkward and so uncomfortable, but the bedroom-y bodice of that dress is simply yuck and the color is absolutely atrocious. Nothing about this works, and Keke is just way too good for this look.

  • 2 Anita Hawkins
    Getty Images
    The good news is that when Anita Hawkins stepped onto the red carpet, she had everyone’s attention. The bad news is it’s because this psychadelic pantsuit with floor-length sleeves is really only appropriate for a trippy clown rodeo show and automatically gave everyone within eye-shot a case of the spins.

  • 3 Tracee Ellis Ross
    Getty Images
    The Black-ish star had the right idea when she chose a gown with contrasting fabrics to give it that extra bit of oomph. But the combination of her severe mid-part hair-style and the sharp shoulder lines gave us way too many Morticia Addams vibes to make it work.

  • 4 Guillermo Diaz
    Getty images
    This Scandal star needs to buddy up to a good tailor stat. Because not only are his pants dangerously close to highwater status, but his shirt and tie were completely lopsided, and that jacket looked like it was about to squeeze the very life out of him. And don’t even get us started on the clashing patterns and colors going on here.

  • 5 Monique Coleman
    Getty Images
    If Monique had told us she swiped this dress from the wardrobe room on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’d completely believe her. What’s worse is we’re getting secondhand uncomfortable just looking at all the potential safety hazards built right into this thing. Yikes.

  • 6 Cree Summer
    Getty Images
    We get the feeling that Cree Summer DGAF what anybody thinks about her style, because there’s no way a person would put all of this together and step out the door if they had any regard for what the world might think of it. The hair, the hat, those ’90s clunk shoes, the pleather fabric of the suit, the shape and length of the pants — we could go on, but as your eyes are probably already telling you, zero percent of this ensemble is good. Zero.

  • 7 Anthony Anderson
    Getty Images
    As the host of the awards – his third consecutive turn, BTW – AA went through quite a few outfits during the show, the first of which was a burgundy-black tux that totally won us over. And he even held it down in some jeans, a t-shirt and some shell-toe Adidas. But this brown-ish, black-ish (wink) shine suit was an outright eyesore.

  • 8 Toccara Jones
    Getty Images
    This shade of plum was just divine for Toccara Jones’s complexion, and her make-up, hair and accessories were lovely. But the top was far too skimpy to suit her plentiful décolletage and that took away from the rest. Just a few inches more of fabric, and this would’ve been a complete win.

  • 9 Tammy Townsend
    Getty Images
    The single-shoulder look is definitely in right now, but zippers are pretty much never red carpet-friendly. Were it not for the side, this dress could have easily been ?, but the outer zipper portion takes it way, way down market automatically.

  • 10 Nzingha Stewart
    Getty Images
    Mad respect to what Nzinga Stewart pulled off with her red, yellow and green tribute color scheme here (and the convenient pocketing placement, of course), but a poof skirt this size should really be reserved for a local stage production of The Nutcracker. Plus, the large floral accessories just did not mesh with the geometric design of the print.

  • 11 Wendell James
    Getty Images
    If it were just about the jacket or the pants or the shoes or the bulky accessories, we’d be giving Wendell points for originality here. But all of these things put together? It’s complete and utter overkill.

  • 12 Teyonah Parris
    Getty Images
    We want to like this dress, we really do. Because it looks fairly warm and comfortable and on paper it seems like a good idea. But you just can’t put black sheer and iridescent pearl and a rigid gold belt together like this. It’s a hard no on that one.

  • 13 Grace Gealey
    Getty Images
    Grace’s ultra-gorgeous face is enough to distract from the wrongness of her lace frock for a while, but ultimately the terrible construction of this dress catches your eye.

  • 14 Ta’Rhonda Jones
    Getty Images
    This Empire star clearly came straight from a baby shower to this event because that dress is really only designed for middle school dances and kid-friendly tea parties.

  • 15 Laura Govan
    Getty Images
    This pale shade of pink is absolutely beautiful on the Basketball Wives star, but that’s about the only nice thing that can be said about this dress. The fringe, the cut-outs and the very shape of this thing are all just very bizarre.

  • 16 Louis Gossett Jr.
    Getty Images
    We’re definitely vibing on this deep blue suit — although it could stand to be taken in a bit. But everything else about this get-up, up to and including the accessories, needs to be traded in for something post-millennial.