Kendall Jenner Blew Up at Her Dad Caitlyn for the Most Insane Reason

C'mon, Ken...get some perspective.

Kendall Jenner is a perfect haute couture queen with legs for days. However, the typically-flawless Kardashian-Jenner sister does something totally un-regal in a sneak-peek clip of this Sunday’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode. She blows up–and even curses–at her father Caitlyn for spilling the beans about her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut. We get it, K, this is an annoyance, but is it really worth getting hot-and-bothered over? Nah.

Here’s what goes down in the video (which you can watch below): Kendall receives a call from Caitlyn, and the 20-year-old wastes no time telling her papa how “actually pissed” she is at her for blowing the lid off her VS secret. (According to KenKen, Caitlyn announced publicly she was attending the VS Fashion Show, and people connected the dots.) “That’s so annoying,” Kendall says, seething with palpable anger. “I don’t want you to go [to the fashion show].”

And it gets even more cringe-worthy. “You’re ’gonna take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me?” she asks sarcastically. “Thank you!”

Using context clues, we’re guessing Caitlyn fought back and insisted she go to the show. “No you can’t!” Kendall screams in the phone. “You can come to the f–king after party! You can’t come!”

I’m not an idiot. Keeping Up with the Kardashians requires a suspension of reality in order to enjoy it. You have to (momentarily) believe Kim losing her diamond earring in the ocean is actually a catastrophe that deserves a meltdown. But this feels particularly ridiculous. Kendall is essentially getting mad at her father for being proud of her. Nothing Caitlyn did was malicious, yet Kendall acts like Caitlyn agreed to walk in the damn show with her.

Not to mention Kendall has appeared on way more important runways than Victoria’s Secret. Her family remained mum on all of those, so why couldn’t they publicly celebrate just this one? We’re pretty sure Kendall’s career wasn’t going to disappear because Caitlyn sat in the audience. Let’s get some perspective.

After all, Kendall is in New York as you read this set to take Fashion Week by storm. And that’s despite the fact mama Kris stole her Victoria’s Secret thunder by becoming a meme. It all works out.