Deranged Americans Are Protesting Against Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance, Which Means She Won

They're calling her "Formation" performance a form of "hate speech and racism"...

No one ever made change by being well-liked by everybody. Thankfully.

Beyonce has sparked buzz and raised eyebrows by exploring previously uncharted territory (for her) with her new song “Formation,” which celebrates her black heritage and femininity and encourages fans to take pride in who they are. It’s become an overnight anthem for a reason. Still, people were enraged the singer said “negro” on TV. They called the performance “racist.” “Anti-police.” “Outrageous.” Now, there are actually people out there who are going to unthinkable lengths to take a stand against Bey’s display of freedom and expression.

Next Tuesday, protesters are planning to rally outside NFL headquarters in NYC to prevent such occurrences from happening again. The Eventbrite page calls the “Formation” performance a “slap in the face to law enforcement,” a “race-baiting stunt,” a form of “hate speech and racism” and it even calls the Black Panthers a “hate group.”

No, really.


They may think they’re attacking her and the non-existent problem she created. But all this means is that she won. She got people talking. She made people pissed. She created an acute social awareness. As always, she exuded power by remaining classy. But don’t underestimate her careful calculations. We assume she’ll be riding up to the protest like this:


Mission complete.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.