Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Gives Us An Inside Look At Episode 304

What really goes on behind the scenes on Hit The Floor? James LaRosa fills us in.

Hit The Floor showrunner James LaRosa is one of the most dedicated men in TV — even though filming of the series is done (and only he knows what will happen for the rest of season three!) he is providing us with plenty of behind the scenes photos and backstage gossip from the set. This week features a backstage pass to the dance number, stars in the makeup chair, and, in what seems to be a running theme, Kimberly Elise being the world’s biggest diva. (She’s got a gun this week, y’all! Run!)

  • 1 Show Us Your Balls
    “This dance was my version of Stomp but with an added degree of difficulty. Not only would we be making music from scratch (in this case, only items Ahsha could find on the court – chairs, ref whistles, basketballs, the dancers’ own sneakers), we’d stage a 14-woman dance number to it as we went. Cuz why not right? I remember innocently asking our choreographer if he thought it was possible. Clearly he did. In actuality, the whole thing was an elaborate scheme to give him a heart attack. Cuz I’m a monster. But he’s Rooney. Whatever dude, I’ll get you next time.”

  • 2 Feeding Quinoa To McKinley (As You Do)
    “Every now and then I go a little crazy on set. I’d say this moment here where I was feeding quinoa to McKinley Freeman’s cardboard cut-out of Derek Roman was the result of an exhausting 16 hour day of filming after which I’d lost my mind. Sadly this was the beginning of the day after a restful sleep in 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. I’d say force-feeding it quinoa was all I did with Cardboard Derek Roman. I also put him in headphones, played hide and seek with him behind a giant curtain and took pictures with Brent Antonello and Adam Senn picking his nose. In my defense, who the hell serves quinoa at the beginning of the day? B**** had it coming.”

  • 3 You’re Still A Winner to US, James!
    I didn’t win.

  • 4
    “Taylour Paige, Logan Browning and Katherine Bailess are bundled up in big jackets A) so their outfits aren’t spoiled in a photo, B) cuz it’s cold as s*** in the arena where there’s an ice rink directly beneath the court they dance on, C) they’re notorious flashers who’ve been terrorizing the crew since the first day of filming, D) all of the above.”

  • 5 Sloanie’s Got A Gun
    “Here’s Kimberly Elise demanding a bigger trailer, $500k in unmarked bills and a ride to a gassed up plane.”

  • 6 If This Is Valery’s Before Photo, We’re So Jealous
    “Here, Paula Ashby and Anthony Gordon have the Herculean task of transforming impossibly gorgeous Valery Ortiz into impossibly gorgeous Raquel Saldana. In other news, I think it’s totally appropriate to sit in an actor’s lap while they’re getting their hair and make-up did.”