These Catastrophic Grammy Awards Outfits Would Make Coco Chanel Roll Over in Her Grave

Someone get them.

We have 57 years of Grammy Awards under our belts and yet, some celebrities still don’t know how to dress for the occasion. Color clashes, hideous silhouettes and insulting patterns are just some of the unfortunate scenes that have taken place on tonight’s red carpet—and it’s only just begun. Here’s hoping tonight’s performers make amends for the travesty that is the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet.

Or Beyonce could just show up and get all of these celebrities into formation. Bless this mess, Bey. Bless it now.

  • 1 Joy Villa
    Getty Images
    Ouch / ??? / yikes.

  • 2 DJ Khaled
    Getty Images
    This was the outfit they really didn’t want you to wear, DJ Khaled.

  • 3 Giuliana Rancic
    Getty Images
    Giuliana Rancic’s out here reflecting everyone she’s interviewing tonight.

  • 4 Tove Lo
    Getty Images
    The septum ring, though!

  • 5 Ghost
    Getty Images

  • 6 Michelle Pesce
    Getty Images
    This dress is eating her alive.

  • 7 Z LaLa
    Getty Images
    Z LaLa channeling Lady Gaga?

  • 8 Ashley Monroe
    Getty Images
    Mermaid gone wrong.

  • 9 Shawn Everett
    Getty Images
    He borrowed these leggings from Miley Cyrus, didn’t he?

  • 10 Jacqueline Van Bierk
    Getty Images
    We’re sufficiently spooked.

  • 11 Manika
    Getty Images
    But, where’s the rest of—oh.

  • 12 Megan Nicole
    Getty Images
    Someone somewhere is missing their prom dress from the ’80s.

  • 13 Cam
    Getty Images
    Is it Easter or?

  • 14 Dencia
    Getty Images
    If Hello Kitty were a stylist, she would make something like this.

Tonight’s show has yet to kick off, but we’ve already named who the Sexiest Grammy Nominees are this year. Find out which of your favorite artists made the list in the clip below.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.