These Celebrities Brought Their Fashion A Game to the 2016 Grammys

Come correct or don't come at all, am I right?

While some celebrities at the 2016 Grammys are causing fashion icons of years past to roll over in their graves, others are bringing all of the class, style and glamor needed. Taylor Swift’s crop top red and pink getup, Bella Hadid’s sleek, all-black gown and Big Sean’s white suit have all made the cut for this year’s best dressed at the Grammy Awards. Who else made the list? Find out in the gallery.

  • 1 Taylor Swift
    Getty Images
    No belly button needed to nail this outfit.

  • 2 Big Sean
    Bae Sean.

  • 3 Ariana Grande
    Getty Images
    The bb queen herself came to conquer.

  • 4 Bella Hadid
    Getty Images
    The slay is real tonight.

  • 5 Elle King
    Getty Images
    That glitter eyeshadow is everything.

  • 6 Carrie Underwood
    Getty Images
    The hair, the necklace. The whole ensemble.

  • 7 Vanessa Lachey
    Getty Images
    Sleek and sexy.

  • 8 Selena Gomez
    Getty Images
    Selena serving Hollywood glam.

  • 9 Common
    Getty Images
    Suit on point.

  • 10 The Weeknd
    Getty Images
    This look is award-worthy.

  • 11 Adele
    Come through, Adele!

Tonight’s show has yet to kick off, but we’ve already named who the Sexiest Grammy Nominees are this year. Find out which of your favorite artists made the list in the clip below.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.