10 Black Cult Classic Movies of the ’80s You Must See

Add these to your Netflix and chill list right now!

-By: Michael Arceneaux

Now that we are knee deep in Negro History Month—yes Beyoncé has made the use of “Negro” the move again so I’m just getting in formation with the Queen—we’ll continue our celebration of the best aspects of Black culture. In this case, we’re throwing two thumps up for Black movies of the 1980s that went under the radar of the mainstream at the time, but are forever cherished by fans. Many of these films are considered Black cult classics and here are the 10 you should have in your Netflix playlist if you haven’t seen them already.

BTW, if you don’t see your favorite film from the era here, please have a shot of chill. I settled on a list of 10, not 20 or 27. But if you want a reason to be mad, blame Hollywood for making it harder for Black actors and directors to make more movies during this decade. No shade.

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