Then and Now: You Won’t Believe How Much the Kids from Mob Wives Have Grown

After six seasons, time has most definitely flown by.

Its been six years since we first met the Mob Wives and over that time their the adorable little children of Drita, Karen, Renee, and Carla have grown in a big way. You can see they’re not so little anymore.

Take a look to see how much they grown since their first appearance to now.

  • 1 Young AJ

  • 2 AJ all grown up – And now he’s expecting a child of his own!

  • 3 Karina looking like a bb

  • 4 Now Karina’s all grown up with a lil ’tude

  • 5 Carla’s twins popped up in the past

  • 6 And look at them now! Here’s Joseph.

  • 7 And here’s daughter Carmen.

  • 8 Gizelle and Aleeya then

  • 9 Gizelle now

  • 10 Aleeya now (with her mom, Drita, aka her twin!)

Take a look back as the families get together to enjoy a smorgasbord of food!

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