Big Ang’s Family And Friends Celebrate Her Life At Disco-Themed Memorial Services This Weekend

Big Ang's life was celebrated in true Big Ang style this weekend.

Before she passed away, Big Ang revealed to TMZ that her final wish was a disco-themed memorial service. It seems she got her wish this weekend. US Magazine reports, “Ang’s casket was surrounded by massive floral arrangements — one that spelled out her name, another in the shape of a monkey for the bar Ang used to own (the Drunken Monkey), a large stiletto shoe, Patron Silver tequila-themed arrangements in honor of her favorite drink, and an arrangement in the shape of big red lips.” Mourners came out in droves to celebrate the life of one of television’s most beloved reality stars. (Though it was reported that Karen Gravano, Brittany Fogarty, and Brittany’s mother Andrea were asked not to attend the services, at the request of Angela’s family, despite Angela’s friendships with the women.) Ang’s funeral will take place today in Brooklyn.

  • 1 Ang’s Family Released The Following Statement on Her Instagram Account This Weekend:
    “Just taking a moment to thank everyone on behalf of the family of our beloved Angela. You have all been extremely fantastic with love, support, condolences, and the most comforting of words. She’s truly having a remarkable send off and looks as stunning as ever! For those of you asking how to do something in her honor, her family requests that you send donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in her honor. Angela loved children and always did whatever she could for children with this very tough illness. Thank you again for all you have done to make these last few days a little easier. A big thanks to Carla Murino for the artwork above!”

  • 2 Jennifer Graziano, Marissa Jade and Carla Facciolo

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  • 5 Ang’s Good Friend And “Big Ang” Co-Star Linda Torres

  • 6 Ang’s Son and Daughter-In-Law, A.J. and Gabriela

  • 7 Ang’s Son and Daughter-In-Law, A.J. and Gabriela

  • 8 Ang’s Husband, Neil Murphy

  • 9 Renee Graziano

  • 10 Scarpaci Funeral Home, Brooklyn