These Hilarious Memes Showcase the High Level of Tax Season

It's tax season!

There’s no better feeling when your W2 comes in the mail. Those Jordans you’ve been eyeing for months are now in your grasp. That fancy restaurant downtown is about to experience a new level of lit when you can finally ball out with your woes. The new whip you’ve been driving passed on your way to work is about to be your new thirst trap when you pull up to the club. Why? Because it’s tax season!

Everyone is itching for that refunded money to hit their back account, and as soon as February hit people have flocked to social media to post hilarious memes to express their excitement and anxiety of tax season.

  • 1
    We can all agree this is most stressful experience ever.

  • 2
    How Sway? HOW?!

  • 3
    What would you do for you W2?

  • 4
    Started from the bottom, now we here!

  • 5
    I’ll be your baby daddy for the month.

  • 6
    The thirst is real!

  • 7
    Ladies, lets get in formation.

  • 8
    Treat yourself!

  • 9
    Good things come to those who wait.

  • 10
    Why you always lyyyying!

  • 11
    Shout out to the “wait to the last minute” people out there.

  • 12
    Taxes can bring the worst out of people. Be careful out there.