Every America’s Next Top Model Winner’s Photo Spread

-By Stacy Lambe

After 22 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, fans thought the show was done. Now that VH1 has announced it’s return, fans around the world couldn’t help but smize at the prospect of season 23. There were so many reasons to love the show, from Tyra’s wild antics and the personalities that fill each round of competition — some were winners, while most were losers. But it was those winners we want to enjoy the success awarded by the show.

Of course, by now, we all know the fabulous prizes include a modeling contract, a contract with a cosmetics line and a photo shoot with photographer Gilles Bensimon in the selected magazine of that cycle. Over the years, winners have won fashion spreads in Elle, Jane, Marie Claire, Nylon, Seventeen, and Vogue Italia. While each publication holds its own esteem, it’s ultimately the models that make those prized spreads a success. McKey for Seventeen? Just eh. Jaslene for Seventeen (again)? Oh no. But then there’s Laura and Jourdan for Nylon. So hipster cool. But that’s just our opinion.

Check out shots from all 22 shoots in the gallery above and decide who made the most of their big prize.

  • 1 Cycle 1 Winner Adrianne Curry/Marie Claire

  • 2 Cycle 2 Winner Yoanna House/Jane Magazine

  • 3 Cycle 3 Winner Eva Pigford/Elle

  • 4 Cycle 4 Winner Naima Mora/Elle

  • 5 Cycle 5 Winner Nicole Linkletter/Elle

  • 6 Cycle 6 Winner Danielle Evans/Seventeen

  • 7 Cycle 7 Winner CariDee English/Seventeen

  • 8 Cycle 8 Winner Jaslene Gonzalez/Seventeen

  • 9 Cycle 9 Winner Saleisha Stowers/Seventeen

  • 10 Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson/Seventeen

  • 11 Cycle 11 Winner McKey Sullivan/Seventeen

  • 12 Cycle 12 Winner ‎Teyona Anderson/Seventeen

  • 13 Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox/Seventeen

  • 14 Cycle 14 Winner Krista White

  • 15 Cycle 15 Winner Ann Ward/Vogue Italia

  • 16 Cycle 16 Winner Brittani Kline

  • 17 Cycle 17 Winner Lisa D’Amato/Vogue Italia

  • 18 Cycle 18 Winner Sophie Sumner/Vogue Italia

  • 19 Cycle 19 Winner Laura James/Nylon

  • 20 Cycle 20 Winner Jourdan Miller/Nylon

  • 21 Cycle 21 Winner Keith Carlos

  • 22 Cycle 22 Winner Nyle DiMarco