Sexy Celebrities Who Make Being a Stepdad a Form of Art

SDILFs are for real.

This is not intended to be creepy.

But since DILFs are widely celebrated and accepted, it’s only fair that SDILFs (stepdad I’d like to, you know) get their justice as well. And let’s just say we wouldn’t mind having these hot stars join our families. In a non-creepy way.

Being a DILF is a true art. Some, like Drake, try. They just don’t have the actual kids to make it real. Being a SDILF, though, that’s a whole other ballgame. Why? Because most the time celebs like Matt Damon and T.I. are so damn good at their craft, we don’t even realize some of their kids aren’t biologically or legally theirs. That’s what the sexy allure of the stepdad will do. Now watch and learn.

  • 1 Russell Wilson
    Thank god CiCi has this hunky quarterback of a man as a distraction from her $15 million lawsuit against her ex, Future. They’ve been dating for less than a year, and although he isn’t the official stepdad to one-year-old Future Jr., he’s surely making his way in there with stepdad mode down pat. Taking notes, Rob Kardashian?

  • 2 T.I.
    TIP’s strong family hustle just adds to his wit, charm and sexiness. In addition to his three children with Tiny (with one on the way) and two sons and a daughter from prior relationships, the family king has one stepdaughter, Zonnique Jailee Pullins.

  • 3 Richard Lawson
    No one will replace papa Mathew Knowles, but Rickey Lee sure has the DILF factor MK is missing. Tina knows what we mean.

  • 4 Matt Damon
    This Bourne babe has three daughters with Luciana Bozán Barroso and a stepdaughter from wifey’s previous marriage. The only thing more attractive than a man who can take care of this many ladies is a man who will bring you Taco Bell late night without you even asking him to.

  • 5 Alan Ferguson
    Alan juggles many roles in life. He’s Solange Knowles’s hubby. A music video director. And a fine-ass stepdad (to S’s son). Attaining SDILF status is a challenge, and Alan does it as effortlessly as the Knowles family does in discarding the infamous elevator footage.

  • 6 Joe Manganiello
    Sofia Vergara is low-key about her son Manolo, but he exists. When Sofia and Joe tied the knot last November, not only did it form their eternal and legal bond of everlasting love, but also gave birth to a beautiful, Magic Mike XXL, dry-humping SDILF. Marriage is beautiful after all.

  • 7 Ben McKenzie
    The Gotham qt and OC alum is probably the most under-the-radar SDILF of all, because he isn’t a legitimate SDILF yet. (Think Russell Wilson.) He’s expecting a child with his bae Morena Baccani and she has a son. The connection is there if you want it to be. And we do.

  • 8 Usher
    Although Usher quietly got hitched to Grace Miguel (a teenage son and daughter) last year, he is not new to SDILF life. He was also a stepdad when married to ex-wife Tameka Foster. Some men are just born with it.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.