Spot-On Memes That Capture the Beautiful Misery of Your Nine-to-Five Job

Don't you dare bring up work on a Sunday or you'll get cut.

As King Michael Jackson once said: “You are not alone.”

Not many people know this, but he was actually referring to enduring life with a nine-to-five job.

You should be proud, though. Being a nine-to-fiver is a noble life to lead. Even if you are the living version of Les Miserable 99.999% of the time. (The other .001% is when you’re out the revolving doors, on your way to happy hour.) But whether you have a family to feed, child support struggles, weaves to maintain, or you’re trying to live buy mansions like Kylie Jenner, you got it goin’ on.

So pat yourselves on the back, take a shot, check out these memes and know we’re here for you.

  • 1 You’re enjoying Sunday Funday until this dreaded exchange of words takes place.

  • 2 And the reality sinks in.

  • 3 The minute that sound goes off you question your entire being.

  • 4 Seriously, what gives?

  • 5 You try, with every fiber of your being, to not hate life.

  • 6 Only the minute you step inside your cubicle, it’s like…

  • 7 And then this is you until about 1 pm (your lunch break).

  • 8 You put your reputation of bathroom habits on the line for your own sanity.

  • 9 When you do the math, you realize you’re actually a valuable employee on the surface.

  • 10 This happens and it’s clear you’re somehow tricking all these fools.
    Still not doing s–t, though.

  • 11 Aesthetic at all times.

  • 12 And of course, there are these rare, cherish-able days.

  • 13 And times when you don’t know how someone could actually give less shits than you do.
    You know who you are.

  • 14 You at the end, and really beginning and middle, of each day.

  • 15 When hardly working still isn’t cutting it.
    Gotta do what you gotta do.



♫ You are not alone ♫

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.