You Will Sweat (and Cry) Just Reading About These Crazy Celebrity Fitness Routines

I need water.

By Danielle Kent

After a long day of work, the last thing most of us want to do is sweat for an hour in the gym. C’monnnn! I put up with Fran from marketing showing me pictures of her cat all day…I deserve to eat Chipotle and plank. However, as hard as it is to take your booty to the gym, we strongly recommend you do. You’ll feel better and actually have more energy to deal with Fran’s penchant for felines. These 11 celebrities know a thing or two about fitness. You don’t have to go as hard as they do, but we definitely think you can learn something from reading their workout plans. If anything, you’ll get inspiration…and look at photos of The Rock’s biceps. It’s a win-win, eh?

  • 1 Britney Spears
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    Spears has had some weight fluctuations throughout the years, but she got her body back into “Oops!…I Did it Again” shape in 2008. She worked out three times a day, five days a week. In addition to working out with a trainer and doing consistent weight lifting, she was also doing 1,000 crunches a day on her own time.

  • 2 Hugh Jackman
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    Jackman’s role in The Wolverine required him to get into crazy good shape. Given that the actor is 6’3 and could already leg press 1,000 pounds, this feat was certainly possible. Jackman stuck to basic movements like lunges and bench press variations. Never one for monotony, Jackman changed up his routine every few weeks.

  • 3 Sylvester Stallone
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    The now-famous scene from Rocky Balboa showing a young Stallone gallantly sprinting up a set of stairs is apparently not far from what the actor’s actual workout was while training for the role. Stallone was a fan of functional movements and compound exercises to work multiple muscle groups at once. His routine also incorporated tons of cardio in the form of sprints and boxing.

  • 4 Kevin Hart
    Hart is frequently mocked for his 5’7″ frame, but the actor and comedian has actually been making some serious gains in the gym! Hart’s trainer is a fan of explosive movements, high reps, and high intensity. Hart is a huge fan of diversity in his routine, so he switches up his workouts almost daily by running outdoors, jumping rope or hiking.

  • 5 Trey Songz
    Trey Songz’s rock hard body in his video “Na Na” was achieved by focusing on classic movements like squats and planks. His method of pyramid training or increasing weight and decreasing the number of reps helped him make some serious muscular gains. Trey Songz is also a fan of battling ropes, an exercise that Crossfitters love because it works the shoulders, core, and lower body.

  • 6 Mark Wahlberg
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    Wahlberg trained for The Fighter by doing what’s called a seven- day split; he trained seven days a week, alternating the muscle groups worked based on the day. He started each day with a minimum of one hour of boxing for his daily cardio and lifted heavy weights every night. Another tip from Wahlberg: Superset your workout. Wahlberg does this by alternating between two exercises after completing each set, e.g. a set of 12 squats followed by a set of 12 lunges and repeat!

  • 7 Arnold Schwarzenegger
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    Prior to Schwarzenegger’s career as a politician, he was partly famous for his acting abilities but mostly for his bodybuilder physique. He was actually a competitive bodybuilder for nearly 20 years before ever starring on the big screen. Not surprisingly, his approach is to lift heavy and often. Similar to Wahlberg’s program, Schwarzenegger did a six-day split with one rest day to allow his muscles to repair themselves.

  • 8 Ben Affleck
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    He prepared for his role in The Town by following the workout plan of a football player. He performed high intensity interval training (HIIT) style movements like high knee walks, inchworms, and burpees while maintaining an intense weight-training regime. Because his goal was to gain mass he was lifting heavy, doing less repetitions, and eating a ton of calories. We like the calories part.

  • 9 Jessica Simpson
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    When Simpson was preparing for her role in Dukes of Hazzard, she knew she needed strong legs to rock those short shorts. She began working out for two hours a day, six days a week, doing a mixture of sprints, long-distance running, and weight training. Ready to work her legs to the max, Simpson wasn’t afraid to squat and lunge at a heavyweight.

  • 10 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
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    He wakes up every morning at 4 a.m for his morning cardio and lifts weights six days a week. He prefers traditional bodybuilding routines: lifting heavy and increasing resistance as he progresses. And by “heavy,” we mean he warms up with 100-pound weights. He’s very disciplined and stays in shape year round, unlike many actors who only train leading up to big roles.

  • 11 Madonna
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    Madonna trains for two hours a day, six days a week. She does mostly cardio, dividing the two hours into three separate cardio intervals. She generally begins with yoga or Pilates and ends with more intense stuff like weight-training, karate, or swimming. She apparently uses the Stepmaster as she takes phone calls in her home office and has told reporters that she used the Stairmaster for 45 minutes a day throughout her entire pregnancy with daughter, Lourdes.