Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Shares Behind The Scenes Photos From Episode 7

What really goes on behind the scenes on Hit The Floor? James LaRosa fills us in.

Hit The Floor showrunner James LaRosa is one of the most dedicated men in TV — even though filming of the series is done (and only he knows what will happen for the rest of season three!) he is providing us with plenty of behind the scenes photos and backstage gossip from the set. For episode seven, he provided us with a look at some amazing fan art, and what happens on the set when a car is literally going up in flames right before his eyes. (He makes it look like such a casual thing, doesn’t he?)

  • 1 Have You Ever Danced With The Devils?
    “The theme of this week’s dance was tied to the battle between Ahsha and Jelena. Ahsha’s always been under Jelena’s thumb, and this week she succeeded in her bold (dare I say Jelena-esque) move to be made Captain. Jelena took a big risk in giving up her power. Time will tell if it pays off, but what you see now in the dance is how much it all means to both women. You also see what a post-apocalyptic Devil Girl uniform looks like and how many styles of dance these ladies can bust out at the drop of a hat. Ballet, hip-hop, contemporary. BEASTS.”

  • 2
    “No spitting.”

  • 3 Nothing To See Here, Just Two Cool People, NOT a Flaming Car
    “Here’s Kat Bailess and I filled with glee while the crew scurries to put out Beau’s flaming car. No better time to selfie than when others are running for their lives!”

  • 4 Kim’s In A Pinch
    “Here I am squeezing Kimberly Elise between my fingers. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID KIM.”

  • 5 Fan Art To The Next Level
    “Huge shout out to @AniaUOfficial for this amazing Zude drawing inspired by this week’s episode. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate the love and I know the cast feels the same way. Hit The Floor fans are not only the best, they’re also CLEARLY the most talented. We love you guys!”

  • 6 Do Not Enter
    “We needed an actual condemned house for Zero to destroy. Unfortunately that came with a full zoo worth of creatures living behind the rotted walls and under the gummiest carpet on record. The place reeked of bleach which can only be described as a nice try. Writer Sarah Fahey was pregnant at the time and forbidden to come to set for fear it would turn her baby into a mutant. Brent Antonello was clearly jealous Adam Senn got to have all the fun of WRECKING the place and had to get in on the action. Either that or I just told him he had to get back in his suit now. ”

  • 7 You Tried It, Renee!
    “And we would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that pesky Jelena.”