This Side Piece Showed Up to Her Bae’s Wedding to Wreak Havoc, and It’s Super Awkward

What would you do in this situation?

Maintaining a side piece is a true art form. (See the video at the bottom for more details.) The bae has to do several things to make sure the rendezvous go (and stay) smoothly: Give the side piece what she/he wants, never take a picture together and never ever be seen in public.

That last one is particularly important. If one member of the party ignores that requirement, all hell breaks loose. That’s why the clip Baller Alert posted to Instagram this morning is so cringe-worthy to watch. The side piece in question showed up to see her bae in public. And it gets worse: She showed up to his wedding. Is your heartbeat increasing yet?

It should be. Baller Alert claims the snippet it uploaded is part of a larger video, but we couldn’t find it. This is what you see in the post below. Side piece shows up to bae’s wedding. During bae’s vows with his main, side piece says, “You left my house [at] 4 this morning?…And the other night?” Some brave soul then yells, “You need to get out!” There’s a collection of “ooohs,””ahhhs” and awkward silences. It’s all so very, very uncomfortable.
This is some serious f–ckery and it breaks every imaginable side piece rule. What would y’all do in this situation? Besides crawl into a hole and assume the fetal position, of course.

Get the lowdown on keeping your side piece satisfied in this video.