Staring at These Hot Male Trainers on Instagram Will Make You Break a Sweat

As Uncle Jesse would say, "Have mercy."

Getting motivated to work out can be a workout in itself, but it doesn’t have to be.

Have you ever tried following hot male trainers on Instagram to combat your workout woes? Legend has it that if you stare at a beautiful man’s abs for long enough at least once a day, you, too, will have abs to die.

Just kidding about that last part. But seriously. Look at these hot men being hot at the gym (sometime with their shirts off and with puppies, too). Good lawd.

  • 1 Kern Alexander, @kern123
    Kern Alexander is a personal trainer, model and Reebok Ambassador, according to his Linkedin. His profile also says he gives “110%” to all of his clients. Oh, yes, ladies.

  • 2 Rob Evans, @robjamesevans
    Does this hottie look familiar to you? Rob Evans was a judge on cycles 19 and 20 of America’s Next Top Model.

  • 3 Brett Hoebel, @bretthoebel
    Brett Hoebel is a trainer-turned-author who was on NBC’s The Biggest Loser: Couples 4.

  • 4 Kyle Clarke, @kyleclarke
    Once a U.S. Army Captain, Kyle Clarke is now a fitness expert, model and actor.

  • 5 Anthony Terrell, @rudeboy_rell7
    Anthony Terrell is a model and MMA coach who’s serious about his craft. You can watch him aggressively break a sweat here.

  • 6 Chris Ryan, @chrisryanfitness
    Chris Ryan is a trainer and model and he’s slated to be on an upcoming NBC show, STRONG, according to Instagram. The show documents trainers working with people to “fulfill their potential” and premieres on April 13.

  • 7 Kirk DeWindt, @kirkdewindtpt
    This red-headed hottie is a personal trainer and wellness coach who can literally defy gravity. Peep his professional website here.

  • 8 Noah Neiman, @noahdneiman
    This Barry’s Bootcamp trainer just might love his dog more than the craft. Peep Neiman’s ’gram for adorable pics of his hot self with his dog. The perfect man does exist.

  • 9 Ky Evans, @therealkyevans
    Ky Evans is also set to be on NBC’s Strong, premiering this spring. He rocks a pretty tight man bun, too. (The hairdo, that is.)

  • 10 Mike Donavanik, @mikedfitness
    This sexy trainer with a sense of humor will give you workout inspiration and make you laugh. Peep his YouTube channel for workout tips.

  • 11 Corey Taylor, @iamcoreytaylor
    Corey Taylor’s fitness regime is the ultimate exercise in self-control. The trainer gained 60 pounds and lost it all—on purpose—to prove that nothing is impossible.

  • 12 CJ Koegel, @cjkoegel
    If you can even get past the fact that this bae has gorgeous baby blues, you’ll realize he’s got a bod to envy, too.

  • 13 Darian Alvarez, @darianalvarez
    Darian Alvarez’s Instagram account is the perfect mix of food, working out and abs, abs, abs.

  • 14 Patrick Frost, @patrickfrost2
    Patrick Frost is a Master Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp. His ripped as hell back will literally make you fall to the ground.

  • 15 Johnny Johnson, @johnny_boi_johnson
    This photo of burly Johnny Johnson holding a cupcake is more than you can handle.

  • 16 Niv Zinder, @nivzinder
    Nevermind the fact that Niv Zinder has an insanely perfect body. He has flow AF.

  • 17 Neal Maddox, @nealmaddox
    Neal Maddox loves his dogs. We love his powerful arms.

  • 18 Grant Wilkie, @gbwilkie
    Grant Bryan isn’t one to shy away from an ab-filled mirror selfie. Move over, Kim Kardashian. Bryan’s putting us all to shame.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.