Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Gives Us An Inside Look At Episode 8

The cast that stabs each other, stays together.

Hit The Floor showrunner James LaRosa is one of the most dedicated men in TV — even though filming of the series is done (and only he knows what will happen for the rest of season three!) he is providing us with plenty of behind the scenes photos and backstage gossip from the set. In this week’s photo diary for episode 8, he gives us an adorable family portrait of the Howards, he delivers us some sexy Rick Fox, and of course, a photo of the entire cast stabbing one another (as you do).

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    “I know he done wrong but mama he so cute and tall and and he luuuuuurves me! Seriously can we just rewind and pause that final moment and see how Rick Fox holds German’s head to his chest like a hug as he plunges the knife in? RICK, YOU AIN’T RIGHT.”

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    “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB! This hit by the Runaways is the oldest song we’ve ever done, and I loved it for Kyle’s turn as choreographer. I love Katherine Bailess’s dancing as Kyle. Always smiling, always flirting, always FLEXIBLE AS ALL H***. She can do serious (hello Gender Bender dance in 306) but this was her chance to just own the court, and I loved every second of it. I also loved the callback to the firetruck dance when Kyle said Raquel wasn’t ready then adjusted her bra. For a fake couple, Kyle and Raquel sure grab each others’ boobs a lot.”

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    “Taking the witness stand against German (the superb Jonathan McDaniel). I was legit doing this while they were really rehearsing. I didn’t think anyone was paying attention. Photo credit Dean Cain.”

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    Order in the court!

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    “The Howard Family. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Logan Browning, Michael Beach and Lynn Whitfield? Whoa, damn. Some people (including @Wale on Twitter) label Jelena a villain. I believe she’s a heroine. She’s faaaar from perfect, she’s her own worst enemy, but despite her horrific childhood, she TRIES — even though it hurts like hell. This week she faced the villain of her life, her abusive father, to strengthen her relationship with Terrence, and she still found the time to be right by her ailing best friend Raquel’s side vowing to do anything for her. James Howard, meanwhile, wouldn’t try. Wouldn’t go there. To me, there’s a special place in hell for people like that. You did something wrong. Own it. But no. Sometimes people won’t give you what you want, so you have to make your own closure. Jelena’s speech to him gave me goosebumps. To then let her mother Vanessa back into her life… Jelena’s growth over 3 seasons has been incredible to watch and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of the character, or the actors involved.”

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    “Our weekly cast viewing party photo. After the ending of this week’s episode someone thought it would be hilaaaarious to all pretend we’re stabbing each other. Can you believe someone would be that twisted? Choreography credit Kimberly Elise.”