10 Stars Who Do Their Own Flawless Makeup

Who needs a Glam Squad, anyway? Not these ladies!

-By Kat Rosenfeld

From former models who picked up some skills on the catwalk, to award-winning actresses who spend their off days googling “smoky eye tutorial,” here are ten celebs who put their faces on one eyeliner wing at a time, just like the rest of us.

  • 1 Zendaya
    Getty Images
    Continued proof that Zendaya is adorable, relatable, and totally down to earth: She does her own makeup, and learned all of her daring looks just like the rest of us, using YouTube tutorials.

  • 2 Shakira
    Fun fact: Shakira is the only coach on The Voice who doesn’t get backstage attention from a makeup artist. Fun fact #2: She always looks amazing.

  • 3 Blake Lively
    Not only is Blake Lively the living embodiment of physical perfection, but she’s got serious makeup skills. According to an interview with The Cut, Blake not only can DIY her red-carpet look, she prefers it that way.

  • 4 Scarlett Johansson
    Per Elle, ScarJo puts her own face on for all but the most glamorous events — including the peachy lip and on-point eyeliner she sported at her Coachella performance.

  • 5 Kate Middleton
    Remember how hard you swooned over Kate’s glowing, gorgeous face at the Royal Wedding? Prepare to swoon all over again when you realize that she did her makeup herself.

  • 6 Lauren Conrad
    LC was responsible for her own face during those early days of stardom on The Hills, so of course she learned to put on her signature look like a champ. And she’s happy to share her knowledge, too; her blog is chock full of useful beauty tips.

  • 7 Diane Kruger
    Diane knows every makeup trick in the book thanks to her time in the modeling biz, but her reasons for preferring to do her own speak to the star’s trademark integrity: “I want above all to look like myself.”

  • 8 Emmy Rossum
    Emmy is all about DIY-ing her face in a pinch, and she’s learned a lot along the way — from the importance of checking out your look in different types of light, to the wisdom of not trying to cover every flaw. However, she’s one of the few on our list who readily admits that she’d rather have a pro touch over her own handiwork.

  • 9 Olivia Palermo
    The flawless Olivia has experts on call when she needs to learn a new makeup trick, but the actual act of application? That’s all her, according to an interview with Marie Claire UK.

  • 10 Taylor Swift
    You don’t get to be this kind of glamorous without developing a very particular set of skills — including the skill to double a Sharpie as an eyeliner in times of desperation.

You don’t need a makeup expert to snatch Beyonce’s “Formation” look. Follow our tutorial and slay all day!

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