Celebrities Who Have Undergone Vasectomies

Dudes, take notice.

There was talk on the Love & Hip Hop season 6 reunion that Peter Gunz had a vasectomy. He didn’t 100 percent confirm (or deny) this, but the chatter got us thinking about other Hollywood men who are, for lack of a better word, “fixed.” These seven men went under the knife to prevent future offspring. Some reversed the procedure when the father bug bit them again, but some stayed sterile. Either way, this ish was painful. Props to them.

  • 1 Dr. Phil McGraw
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    The mustached talk show host received the procedure at 29 years old after his wife got pregnant. The reason? He only wanted one child. However, the couple changed their minds about having more children six years later, so he had the vasectomy reversed. “I got a do-over on the biggest mistake of my life, and I am delighted that I did,” McGraw wrote in a Newsweek essay.

  • 2 Ozzy Osbourne
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    Osbourne had the procedure done in 1986, according to People.com. This was his main evidence for denying claims he fathered a child in 2003. He has six children.

  • 3 Slim Thug
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    Vibe reported in 2013 the Houston rapper got “fixed” to prevent any more baby mamas. “#NoNewKids #NoNewBabymamas #NoMoChildSupport #NoLittleGirl just me and my 3 Boyz,” the rapper allegedly tweeted.

  • 4 Jon Gosselin
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    Gosselin admitted on The Wendy Williams Show in 2014 he had a vasectomy. At the time, he had 11 children between his eight and then-girlfriend Liz Jannetta’s three. “We can’t have more kids,” Gosselin said. “Yeah, I’m fixed and Liz is fixed.” He and Jannetta later broke up.

  • 5 Antonio Cromartie
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    Cromartie had the procedure done; however, it didn’t work, apparently. According to New York Daily News, Cromartie’s wife is pregnant with twins even though the New York Jets player underwent a vasectomy. After the twins are born, Cromartie will have 12 children=–enough to form a small football team.

  • 6 New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
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    The politician admitted during a press conference to having the surgery.

  • 7 Elton John
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    The music icon dished about having the procedure last month, according to Yahoo! “No, I won’t be having any more children,” he said at his AIDS Foundation Oscars after-party.