Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Shares Behind The Scenes Photos And Stories From Episode 9

What really goes on behind the scenes on Hit The Floor? James LaRosa fills us in.

Hit The Floor showrunner James LaRosa is one of the most dedicated men in TV and all season long, he’s been providing us with plenty of behind the scenes photos and backstage gossip from the set. This week, James had plenty of photos from the (old, abandoned) hospital that so much of the episode took place in. From the creepy maternity ward with fake babies to the tear-filled waiting room, James has stories you’re going to want to hear.

  • 1 Telena
    “Oh ya know, just directing a little Telena. We finished this scene as rain started to fall. I had to digitally remove droplets from Terrence’s jacket. Sadly I couldn’t digitally remove the lost and confused look on my face from this pic. #professional.”

  • 2 Sad Zude
    “We film scenes out of order, so Brent and Adam’s final filmed scenes of the season were from this episode. I just announced to the crew Adam and Brent were wrapped and this pic is how we felt about it. I’m sure several of you Zude fans would’ve loved to have seen more of them together this week, but it was Raquel’s time and Jude and Zero don’t have the same kind of relationship with her the other characters do. Have no fear, there’s lots of Zude to be seen next week. Especially since, in an episode titled ’Loss,’ it was Zude who were the ones that found something. Or, rather, someone.”

  • 3
    “It’s no accident Raquel died from an enlarged heart. That was the character to me, and the actress who players her. With this great big heart. I love Valery Ortiz and couldn’t be more proud of the work she did. This is also the moment I stole her wallet.”

  • 4
    “Some of you may have heard, somewhere, sometime, that I steal props. I couldn’t help myself here, actually stealing this ridiculous TV candy. The names have to be legally cleared, so if any of you want a box of Choco Mints, some Soft n Chewys, a bag of Crunch-eez, a 3 Cavaliers Bar or a BigCat come on over! Don’t invite Sloane, that woman cannot control her anger.”

  • 5
    “Do you know what it’s like to force six people to cry all at once over and over and over again? Oh you become real popular. Cry more! Cry more! I want broken blood vessels! Again again again! So what if the cameras had stopped rolling and I already got what I needed, the heart wants what it wants. I SAID CRY.”

  • 6 Delena?
    “I knew McKinley Freeman, Logan Browning and I would make beautiful offspring together. This little one cried, which I couldn’t get to stop without slamming its head on a desk corner. Never leave us alone with prop babies. Or real babies.”

  • 7 The Kinkades
    “How is it that with a murderer, the son he disowned and the wife who had him locked up, the Kinkades are not the most dysfunctional family on Hit The Floor? I love Jodi Lyn and Brent’s Lionel and Jude as BFFs, and didn’t have the heart to keep them apart for more than the 5 minutes it took for Lionel to spring Oscar. And if you only knew how huggable Don Stark is in real life though, you wouldn’t wish him death by gonorrhea like someone tweeted me on Monday.”

Tune in to the season finale of Hit The Floor next Monday at 10/9c!