“Who Shot J.H.?”: It’s James LaRosa’s Final Photo Blog Of Hit The Floor Season 3

"After three seasons of Jelena pushing people, someone finally pushed back."

In Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa’s final photo blog of season three, he shared a few more of his lasting memories and favorite moments from filming the finale. Always hilarious and juicy, this week’s gallery includes commentary about James’ own cameo in the episode, his directing style (he literally hisses at the cast which is…one way to do it), and a few more amazing tidbits about Dersha’s proposal and Jelena’s “Who shot J.R.?”-inspired twist.

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    “Here I am directing Zude. Or trying. BRENT ANTONELLO LOOK AT ME. Zude fans have been awesome this season. And sometimes skittish. Having a same sex couple given the same treatment on a show as their straight counterparts is uncommon and wonderful, but it also means said couple has to face the same obstacles. It can’t be smooth sailing all the time, and certainly Jelena’s smashed poster is not a high point in their season. But don’t forget two things. 1) THE KEY!, and 2) Jude and Zero make a wicked team. If anyone can figure out how to come out the other side of this together, it’s them. But what are they willing to do for it…?”

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    “Kimberly Elise, Logan Browning and I took this picture at the end of a looooong night, immediately after Sloane and Jelena’s epic face-off in the main entrance of the arena. God, that was fun to film. We were laughing the entire time the cameras weren’t rolling. Mostly because I was obsessed with hissing their lines at them like I was possessed. “YOU’RE ALONE, AS YOU SHOULD BE…PACK UP YOUR CRAP.” I like to pretend I’m every single person on the show. Which is awkward when I’m Dersha.”

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    “THE PROPOSAL! Three seasons in the making. It had to be epic and man, I’m so happy with how it turned out. Even if we couldn’t fit the ring on Taylour’s finger so we had to shoot the close-up later when we were filming the hospital scenes from 309 (we film 2 episodes at the same time). Yup, as Raquel lay dying, there was Ahsha in the hallway in her Devil Girl uniform being proposed to by Derek Roman all over again.”

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    “This might be one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken. A wildly expensive antique Porsche and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe certainly helped. This is one of Oscar’s cars that Lionel and Pete were trapped in the garage with. The one not pumping carbon monoxide into their lungs this very second. I should probably check on them…”

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    “Ok, furreal. I had a blast making a cameo in the season finale. I’ve got the best wardrobe, hair and make-up people in the business, and after seeing them work their magic on everyone else for three seasons, I GOT TO BE MADE PRETTY BY THEM MYSELF. The whole crew was so good to me, and the cast were my cheerleaders, led by McKinley Freeman and Kat Bailess who co-opted my director’s chair for the occasion. Sure, Adam Senn kept his shirt unbuttoned and rubbed his chest making faces at me the entire time the camera wasn’t on him but I’m pretty sure that was just because I looked SO good he couldn’t help himself.”

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    “Paying homage to Dallas’s Who Shot J.R. storyline was like my love letter to my babysitter cuz that show raised me. I even studied how they filmed that iconic moment to try to replicate it as best I could while still looking like our show. No one in the cast knew this was how the season was ending. We filmed this scene one night after everyone went home, and keeping this secret with Logan Browning was one of the highlights of the whole thing for me. After three seasons of Jelena pushing people, someone finally pushed back. But who?”