These Celebrity Groomzillas Are Worse Than Any Bride

Of course Kanye West makes the list.

Weddings are stressful AF. There’s the cake, location, and spending hours deciding if it’s worth it to invite your seventh grade best friend who will definitely get you a good present. For years, the bride has been wrongly stereotyped as the demanding half of the equation, but groomzillas are on the rise — and they’re not pretty. After Gabrielle Union’s hubby Dwyane Wade came clean about his demanding wedding behavior last month, we did some digging and found seven other men who were just as neurotic about their special days. Take a look.

  • 1 Dwyane Wade
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    In May, the Miami Heat star told Seth Meyers that he was the one obsessed with making his August 2014 wedding to Union just right. In fact, he even gave himself the diva treatment. “I came out to my own song, had my own moments,” he said. “I had three outfit changes, she had three outfit changes.” Brilliant. [/item
  • 2 Justin Timberlake
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    While he may seem laid back IRL, Justin was reportedly a total groomzilla while planning his 2012 wedding to Jessica Biel. “…he and his mom have overseen the flowers, the food, the wine and the cake,” a source said, according to Yahoo! Celebrity. Even weirder, JT allegedly had a hand in picking Jessica’s infamous pink wedding dress. [/item
  • 3 Kanye West
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    Several reports came out around the Kimye wedding that Kanye was planning nearly everything and leaving wife Kim Kardashian completely in the dark. A source told TMZ, “Kanye has cut his bride-to-be out of the wedding planning entirely — with the goal of unleashing the surprise of the century. He’s planning almost everything.” [/item
  • 4 Russell Brand
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    While there aren’t many reports about Brand’s behavior leading up to his 2010 wedding to (now) ex-wife Katy Perry, his over-the-top antics during the nuptials give him total groomzilla status. Brides reported Russell hired acrobats and jugglers to entertain guests, rode in on an elephant, and bought Katy an actual tiger as an “I Do” present. [/item
  • 5 George Clooney
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    According to OK! magazine, George became a bit neurotic leading up to his big day with Amal Alamuddin in 2014. “George insists on micromanaging every detail, from the flowers to the food,” a source told the tabloid. “He can be obsessive and this wedding is bringing out that side of him.” [/item
  • 6 Sean Parker
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    The Napster billionaire organized a wedding “fit for a king” when he married Alexandra Lenas in June 2013. Brides reports the bash cost around $9 million, and he demanded a “custom-made fairytale-like setting,” complete with bridges and ponds. Guests also wore custom-made Lord of the Rings outfits to solidify the theme, per Sean’s request. [/item
  • 7 AJ McLean
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    The Backstreet Boy told OK! magazine that he became wedding-obsessed when planning his nuptials with Rochelle Deanna Karidis. “I am kind of the groomzilla actually,” he said. “I am letting my fiancée deal with school and I am taking on the added pressure, but we are really good teammates so we are helping each other out.” [/item
  • 8 Brad Pitt
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    Even though he married Angelina Jolie just last year, Cosmopolitan was dishing on Brad’s groomzilla tendencies back in 2012. The glossy wrote a source told The Sun, “Angelina isn’t so bothered about when they tie the knot – it’s Brad who is piling on the pressure…” He’s too pretty to be stressed! [/item