The Silliest Hair Accessories Celebrities Made You Think Were Cool

We've been duped!

This is for anyone who ever felt like they just wanted to belong.

Celebrities often sport styles in such a way that it sometimes inevitably makes you want to wear the same thing. But what happens when they lead you down the wrong path and next thing you know, you’re at Ricky’s searching for a bow made entirely of hair?

A lot of selfies you will regret later on. That’s what. These are the silliest hair accessories celebrities wore and made you think were cool.

  • 1 Cans of diet coke
    Reduce, reuse, recycle. Or something.

  • 2 Those little sparkly nuggets that float around in your hair
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    Raise your hand if this was your childhood.

  • 3 This Statue of Liberty-inspired headband
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    Save this one for Lady Liberty herself.

  • 4 Glitter strands
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    You wore them to your best friend’s birthday party. Beyoncé wore them to the 2010 Grammys.

  • 5 Glitter buns
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    This is a surefire way to get glitter all over your pillows.

  • 6 This peacock-esque crown
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    Is it avant-garde? Are we missing the point?

  • 7 Feather extensions
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    What is it with people wanting to wear birds in their hair?

  • 8 A bow made entirely of hair
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    Who didn’t try this at home after seeing Lady Gaga sport it?

  • 9 Small sparkly butterfly clips
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    You definitely hit up Claire’s for a pack of these babies.

  • 10 Big sparkly butterfly clips
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    Size really doesn’t matter, here.

  • 11 Heart headbands
    Something tells me this isn’t what California gurls really wear.

  • 12 Huge bauble headbands
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    Welp, these were entirely unnecessary.

  • 13 This flame emoji headdress
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    Some things should be left to the Emoji keyboard.

  • 14 A ginormous flower
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    Someone, anyone, please explain why you would want this on the side of your face.

  • 15 A flower headband
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    The things we do with flowers, man…

  • 16 Cat ears
    October 31 and/or a cat birthday party are probably the only times this is acceptable.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.