Hated It! The Best Memes From Episode 407 Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Are Right Here

And People had A LOT To Say.
  • 1 People Had Plenty to Say About That Whole Mimi/Margeaux Showdown
    The episode started with the epic showdown between Mimi and Margeaux, and people felt a certain kind of way about the whole hand-in-face-issue.

  • 2 But They Were Pretty Spot On

  • 3 When Margeaux Tried To Win Over Ariane She Was All Like

  • 4 And When Mimi Claimed The Tape Wasn’t Her Fault Stevie Believed Her

  • 5 Then Karlie’s Ass Had a Donut At a Gym
    Same, girl.

  • 6 But Then The Auction Happened

  • 7 Which Was Great And All Until Ashley Nicole Showed Up

  • 8 You DO NOT Talk to Rasheeda and Shirleen Like That!

  • 9 But of Course the Real Star of the Episode..

  • 10 Was The Crazy Chef Herself

  • 11 Yeah, We’re All Set
    We don’t want any of what Joseline’s serving.

  • 12 And Yes…
    They kept coming into the After Party.

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