Watch Adele Forget the Lyrics to Her Song in Concert and Curse Repeatedly in Frustration

Such a goddess.

Adele is arguably Earth’s most perfect human. She’s gorgeous, hilarious and has a voice like a literal angel. So, it comes as no surprise that when Adele forgets the lyrics to her own song mid-concert, it’s not embarrassing or awkward at all. It’s, well, perfect.

And that’s exactly what went down during her show in Lisbon this week. The British pop diva was singing her tune “Million Years Ago”–off 25–when she experienced a bit of a brain freeze. Soothing melodies turned to sharp cursing when Adele realized she was singing the wrong words.

“Oh s—t, wrong words! S—t, s—t, s—t,” Adele said, before erupting into a fit of laughter. “I started singing the chorus. Sorry!”

Don’t be sorry, Adele! You just gave us another reason to adore you. Watch the hilarious moment go down in the clip below.