Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Exercise But Look Snatched AF

Something doesn't add up...

With summer in full swing, you probably notice more people in your gym working on their ~*summer beach bods*~. However, what if we told you that some of the most snatched celebrities in Hollywood say they do not exercise regularly? Answer: You’ll walk out of the gym and hit up the nearest KFC like a true-blooded American.

But seriously, we’re not kidding. These nine celebrities have absolutely bangin’ bodies but claim they’re not sweating it out in the gym on the daily. Is it true? Who knows. We’ll believe it if that means not going to the gym–because, let’s be honest, that’s the real goal.

  • 1 Kristen Stewart
    Getty Images
    “I’m naturally skinny. We’re all like this in my family, so I don’t have to exercise a lot or go on a diet.”–Vogue Italia, 2011

  • 2 Angelina Jolie
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    “I really don’t work out. I’ve always been kind of slight, and I’ve always loved to run and jump around and be physical, so action roles are not a huge challenge for me.”– Via New York Daily News, 2010

  • 3 Gwen Stefani
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    “This past year, I kind of stopped working out. I think my body just needed a break. And so I did that and focused more on feeling good as opposed to beating myself up.”– Marie Claire UK, 2013

  • 4 Kendall Jenner
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    “I’ve been really, really bad and I literally haven’t worked out once since the Victoria’s Secret show in November.”–People magazine, 2016

  • 5 Taylor Swift
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    “I am not a fan of working out that much. There’s no regimen. There’s no personal trainer.”–Vogue magazine, 2012

  • 6 Sienna Miller
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    “Recently, I found myself thinking, ’I’m getting wrinkles and things are wobbling, should go to the gym.’ Then, I was like ’f–k it.'” — Via New York Daily News, 2009

  • 7 Blake Lively
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    “I eat cupcakes and I don’t work out … I don’t even drink water. It’s terrible!”– Us Weekly, 2012

  • 8 Salma Hayek
    “I don’t have time to exercise. I am working. I’ve had some 20-hour days. I work with a woman in London who taught me how to hold my body in a way where the muscles are activated all day long. So even when you brush your teeth, you’re working the muscles.”– People magazine, 2015