Celebs Who Showed Too Much on Instagram by Accident

My bad!

When Amy Schumer first posted her latest #selfie wearing an orange sports bra in support of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, she shared a bit too much down bottom. The reigning queen of comedy showed off her derriere while supporting a good cause, so it left some people a little confused. Was it a mistake? Was there a hidden message in her support for gun control? We’re not sure, but many other celebrities have put it all out there on IG and did so by accident. Here are some celebs who have showed a side of themselves to the world that they never meant to expose.

  • 1 Amy Schumer
    When attempting to show her support for gun control, Schumer showed just how well supported she is.

  • 2 Kim Kardashian
    Before she broke the Internet with her risque pics, Kim K. was showing off her bod by accident. In a 2014 selfie, Kim angled the phone a little too low and freed the nipple by accident.

  • 3 Swedish Politician Lars Ohly
    Image via Instagram
    Ohly was trying to show off his new Liverpool FC (soccer) tattoo, but he showed oh-so-much more. The accidental pic of his junk made national news.

  • 4 Jason Biggs
    Biggs’ wife Jenny Mollen staged a pretty great selfie, but his newspaper was supposed to cover more than just the news.

  • 5 Vicki Gunvalson
    This Real Housewife was so excited to thank Beats for the swag she showed the world a whole lot more than #brand engagement.

  • 6 Kris Jenner
    Jenner’s 2012 Wonder Women Halloween costume kept little the imagination. Like a good daughter, Khloe Kardashian shared the photo with the caption, “Hi nips! That’s my mom.”

  • 7 Selena Gomez
    Following her 2012 breakout with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez hit the town and let it all hang out!

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