The Best Memes of 2016 (So Far)

Making it rain Tubmans.

We’re only six months into 2016, and the Internet meme game is strong. From Amber Rose’s #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch tweet about Kanye West to Birdman’s temper tantrum, celebrities gave the Internet so much to meme-ify–and they keep on giving. These 15 are the funniest of the bunch and represent almost every major event that sent the Web into a tizzy. Take a (brief) stroll down Twitter lane, and let us know your favorite meme in the comments. Prepare for an ab workout.

  • 1 My heart can’t handle it!

  • 2 Your neighbor AF.

  • 3 Of course a Game of Thrones one makes the list!

  • 4 “Formation” started a Red Lobster revolution.

  • 6 Long live blurry Mr. Krabs.

  • 7 And Donald Trump hair jokes.

  • 8 This Scrapp meme, though!

  • 11 Making it rain Tubmans.

  • 12 Views brought every meme star from this year together.

  • 13 Oh, Hillary.

  • 14 Ayesha Curry’s cooking show birthed some amazing Internet fodder.

  • 15 And of course, we end with Bey.