13 Times Celebrities Tried to Make Ridiculous Sunglasses Look Cool

No shade.

By Claire Downs

I’m not looking to throw any shade here, tbh. It’s just that summer is here and I need to be all the way summertime fresh, down to the accessories. Whether hungover from that late-night beach bonfire BBQ or just stuntin’ for the ’Gram, my eyewear has to be on point. Given that I usually draw my style inspiration from my fave celebs, I did a little googling to see who was an appropriate muse. While a helpful search engine, Google will sometimes open a Pandora’s box that you’re just not ready for. Looking for something stylish to protect my eyes from harmful UV rays, revealed some of the most ridiculous sunglasses in celebrity history! I’m not trying to come for anyone on this list, Rihanna is my goddess, but I’m also not trying to make the same ol’ mistakes.

  • 1 Kanye West
    Getty Images
    Great album, impractical glasses.

  • 2 Flava Flav
    Getty Images
    The Viking meets surfer swag is just not working for us.

  • 3 Lady Gaga
    Getty Images
    Don’t you hate it when your hair gets caught in your glasses?

  • 4 Miley Cyrus
    Hope she has a prescription.

  • 5 Amber Rose
    Getty Images
    That’s one way to block the haters out.

  • 6 Beyoncé
    Love the “Diva” music video, but this is a bad prop.

  • 7 Kesha
    Hoop dreams turned nightmare.

  • 8 Rihanna
    Getty Images
    These are ridic mainly because I don’t even think they keep the sun out.

  • 9 Kim Kardashian
    Getty Images
    Not even the all-powerful Kardashian marketing can make this a thing.

  • 10 Sir Elton John
    Getty Images
    Sir! No sir!

  • 11 Jean Paul Gaultier
    Getty Images
    Glad he could find the humor in wearing that.

  • 12 will.i.am
    Getty Images
    Sometimes you have to be the adult in the room, when it comes to decisions like this.

  • 13 Brooke Hogan
    Getty Images
    There are so many things wrong with this.