Man in Viral Beyoncé Photo Explains Her Famous Side Eye

A victim of the side-eye has opened up.

Sitting court side next to Beyoncé might sound like a dream come true, but after a photo released of her side-eyeing a mans soul sitting next to her, making eye contact with the queen might be the scariest thing you ever do. Coming to the defense of Bey’s death stare, the man in the photo, Steve Cespedes, has come out on Twitter to explain the viral photo.

“Both Beyoncé and Jay Z were beyond polite and very gracious,” Cespedes announced on Twitter Friday, after the photo of him sitting next to the musical couple had begun spreading around the Internet. Cespedes showed Beyoncé the photo and she thought the whole thing was funny, and the two even posed for a second, sillier photo – her idea, he said.