The Most Ridiculous Style and Beauty Trends of the Year (So Far)

Ribbed co-ords, Fashion Nova and more.

This year has brought about plenty of fashion and beauty slays—Beyoncé at the Met Gala, Gwen Stefani at the Vanity Fair after party, Rihanna, like, in life. But what about the faux pas?

If you’re guilty of contouring (yes), wearing a ribbed co-ord (thought about it) or relying on your nipples to be part of your outfit (I’ll never tell), you’re guilty of sporting some of the most ridiculous style and beauty trends of 2016 so far. Don’t work yourself up about it, though. What’s in and what’s out changes as fast as RiRi changes her hair.

Find out which 2016 trends you’d be smart to ignore here.

  • 1 Contouring
    Face contouring was cool for a minute, but it got out of control when people started contouring the rest of their bodies. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and ditch the contour cream. The movement is officially over.

  • 2 Fashion Nova
    Remember that brief, odd period of time when Rob Kardashian was promoting Fashion Nova on Instagram? That was ludicrous, but definitely not as absurd as the over-socialized brand itself.

  • 3 Marble nails
    We said it before and we’ll say it again: Marble nails are cute in theory, but in the end, your nails look like they belong on

  • 4 These shoes
    These Giuseppe Zanotti heels look like they were 3D printed based off of a comic book design. Instead of dropping $1600 to look like budget Superwoman, take that moolah and get you your own 3D printer.

  • 5 Vetements
    You know how much this literal sweatshirt goes for? $1265. Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia, smart man that he is, admitted even he wouldn’t pay full price for Vetements, which means you definitely shouldn’t.

  • 6 Glitter parts
    Getty Images
    Any ol’ gal wants her hair to shine—sparkle, even. But glitter? Nah. This looks like a unicorn threw up on your head and you couldn’t be bothered to clean it up. Don’t blame you, though. Who wants to clean up glitter?

  • 7 Baby hairs
    How to style your baby hairs is, of course, a personal choice, and depending on how you style them, you can end up looking overdone as opposed to done just right.

  • 8 Ribbed co-ords
    If you’re gonna do it, do the top and the bottom separately, but never together. Because weird.

  • 9 Nude eyebrows
    Getty Images
    Nude eyebrows can make your look more edgy, different and kinda hot in a weird way. But they’re also downright ridiculous. Why dye your eyebrows just to make them invisible, when you could, in theory, shave them off?

  • 10 Nipples
    Getty Images
    Free the nipple or whatever, but don’t make your nips one of your outfit’s accessories. The whole white tee with jeans and no jewelry look is classic, but when you throw a pair of erect nips in there to, ahem, spice things up, it takes away from the outfit’s timelessness.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.