Lindsay Lohan Was Friends with Literally Everyone in the Early 2000s

Her #squad was LIT.

By: Claire Downs

Wanna feel old? Lindsay Lohan turns 30 today. It’s a milestone age, especially for Lindsay, who conquered years of public drama and came out on the other side stronger than ever. Now, the Mean Girls star has turned over a new leaf. According a new interview in Vanity Fair this week, Lindsay has become a fixture of the London theater scene, has “no regrets” about her past, and is writing a book. But back in the day, young Lindsay was the “it girl” to be seen with. She created #squadgoals long before Taylor started rolling deep with her crew. So let’s turn back the clock to the early 2000s –a time when things were totally “fetch” and Lilo was one of the cool kids.

  • 1 Paris Hilton, 2005.
    Getty Images
    Legendary friends. Legendary enemies. As a result, they invented the term “frenemy.”

  • 2 Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, 2006
    Apparently they used to call each other L-Squared and K-Squared, which is totally normal.

  • 3 Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert, 2005
    That moment when two of your friends grow up to be Oscar nominees.

  • 4 Jamie Lee Curtis, 2003
    Getty Images
    They’re still Freaky Friday #motherdaughtergoals.

  • 5 Amanda Bynes, 2003
    I bet they each have a room just to house their multiple “Kids Choice Awards” statues.

  • 6 Ashlee Simpson, 2004
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    Maybe they were friends just because they have names that rhyme.

  • 7 Destiny’s Child, 2004
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    I would love to “Freaky Friday” this moment with LiLo right now.

  • 8 Omarion, Chingy and Pharrell, 2004
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    What are they laughing about? It’s an inside joke and we’re so far on the outside.

  • 9 Raven-Symoné and Michelle Kwan, 2004
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    This is a moment middle school dreams are made of.

  • 10 Chad Michael Murray, 2002
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    He loved her, even with that choker-scarf-necklace combo.

  • 11 50 Cent, 2004
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    “Yeah, I’m tight with the most popular artist of this era. It’s ’whatev.’ Now pass me a Vitamin Water!”

  • 12 Nelly, Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson, 2005
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    My bucket list brunch crew.

  • 13 Kelly Osbourne, 2005
    A real-life Janis and Cady!

  • 14 Sharon Stone, 2004
    I guess the dress code for the MTV Movie Awards that year was “wear your shiniest fabrics.”