The Behind-The-Scenes Pics From the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Are So Good We Had To Meme Them

Meme this!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 is a wrap and the reunion was shot a little differently than usual and by a little we mean a lot. Just because all that glam wasn’t on a stage this year, doesn’t mean your fave stars didn’t slay. Flipping through pics of the glam is always nice, but captioning their (sometimes awkward) candid moments is much more fun. Let’s all relax, it’s all jokes. Enjoy!

  • 1 When you snuck out to go to a pool party but your momma found out and came to bring yo’ lying behind home.

  • 2 When you sitting across the table from a chick that got you f—-ed up.

  • 3 When you randomly go to IHOP and find out it’s National Pancake Day.

  • 4 When your nosy friend asks your man who he’s talking about but you have to give him that “you better shut up” look.

  • 5 When your man think you’re playing with him but you finna go upside his head in 2.3 seconds.

  • 6 When someone plays you in front of your friends but you trying to act like your feelings aren’t hurt.

  • 7 When someone tweets “women be buggin” and your man retweets it.

  • 8 When them heauxs are mad that you look so good and are just hatin’.

  • 9 When you have a little space next to you on the train but you see someone coming to squeeze their wide behind there.

  • 10 When you told bae you were staying home, but your friend sees him walking into the spot.

  • 11 When the teacher asks for your homework and you’re getting ready to lie.

  • 12 We all been here…

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