13 Cartoon Characters Who Are Total THOTs

Johnny Bravo FTW.

We recently did an exploration of television’s original THOTs. However, we have something even better (read: dirtier) for you today: cartoon THOTs. Contrary to popular belief, not all cartoon characters are G-rated, doe-eyed cuties who spend their days eating cotton candy. Nope. Some cartoon characters are thirsty–and not for water. Baes after my own heart.

These 13 characters are the THOTtiest of the bunch. Revel in their brazen attitudes–and even more brazen outfits. I certainly do.

  • 1 Johnny Bravo, Johnny Bravo
    Cartoon Network
    The premise of the show is him literally trying (and failing) to pick up girls.

  • 2 Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy

  • 3 The Kanker Sisters, Ed, Edd N Eddy
    Cartoon Network
    These three sisters had it baaaad for the Ed brothers.

  • 4 Brittany Taylor, Daria
    The friendliest THOT in town.

  • 5 Dazzle Novak, Moonbeam City
    Cartoon Network
    The modern-day Johnny Bravo.

  • 6 Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
    Everyone’s inner THOT comes out when you put on a dress like this (including mine).

  • 7 Daphne, Scooby Doo!
    What were she and Fred really doing when the gang separated?

  • 8 Meg, Hercules
    Disney THOT.

  • 9 Gaston, Beauty and the Beast
    Hairy roided slimeball THOT.

  • 10 Dimitri, Anastasia
    20th Century Fox
    Yup, him too.

  • 11 Hello Nurse, Animaniacs
    This queen.