Meryl Streep Wore a Glorious American Flag Dress on a Historic Night at the DNC

Would Miranda Priestly approve?

On Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, Meryl Streep brought the grit, grace and old glory to mark a historic night for our nation. Yaaas! The Oscar Award-winning actor was looking patriotic AF in an American flag dress as she helped cap a day that saw Hillary Clinton officially become the first woman nominated as a presidential candidate of a major party.

Streep praised the audience for their role in helping Clinton put another major crack in that damn glass ceiling. “You people have made history,” she said to the fired up crowd. “Hillary Clinton will be our first woman president, and she will be a great president.”

No one could question the Devil Wears Prada star’s love for country or Hillary on this night. Her appearance continued to showcase the parade of stars who are backing Clinton’s run for the White House. It is a stark contrast to the D-list talent Donald Trump rolled out at the RNC last week. Scott Baio? Nope, sorry. Trump tried it. Let us show you to your seats.

Watch Streep’s full speech here, so you can appreciate why Twitter was so wrapped up in the moment. Yes, the speech was effective, but the dress, though?

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