Democratic National Convention Outfits We Can All Agree to Vote for

Vote yes for the dress!

Whoever said the Democratic National Convention wasn’t also secretly a runway show was (apparently) severely mistaken.

The 2016 DNC has taken over Philadelphia and as it seems, some celebrities have taken over the DNC with their fashion choices. Michelle Obama’s brilliant blue dress, Meryl Streep’s American flag ensemble and Elizabeth Banks’ perfectly proper garb are just some of the sartorial highlights from the week’s festivities.

Find out which others made our DNC best dressed list below, and stay tuned for more VH1 coverage of the convention.

  • 1 Hillary Clinton
    Getty Images
    Hillary Clinton elected a white pantsuit as her DNC acceptance speech outfit.

  • 2 Katy Perry
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    Katy Perry glittered like a firework while performing at the DNC.

  • 3 Joyce Beatty
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    Melania Trump may have “borrowed” part of Michelle Obama’s speech, but Joyce Beatty had the last word when she took one for the Democrats and wore Trump’s RNC dress to the DNC.

  • 4 Meryl Streep
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    “My name is Miranda Priestly and I approve this dress.” – Meryl Streep at the 2016 DNC

  • 5 Michelle Obama
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    When everyone else goes low with their necklines, FLOTUS goes high with the heels.

  • 6 Angela Bassett
    Getty Images
    Angela Bassett wears that sky blue color very well.

  • 7 Eva Longoria
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    Eva Longoria floated out onto the stage in all white like some kind of angel.

  • 8 Demi Lovato
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    Demi Lovato was flaw-free for Hillary.

  • 9 Debra Messing
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    Debra Messing was looking like FLOTUS material in presidential blue.

  • 10 Andra Day
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    Andra Day brought the slay, as always.

  • 11 Elizabeth Banks
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    Elizabeth Banks looked darling in all white.

  • 12 Lena Dunham and America Ferrera
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    Lena Dunham and America Ferrera showed up and showed out for the occasion.

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