16 Cartoon Memes That Explain Your Complicated Relationship

We've all been there.

By Claire Downs

Apparently, ’90s cartoons make the dopest (and dirtiest) memes. We’ve already seen what happens when social media is lit with hilarious Spongebob Caveman memes or dank Arthur memes. For some reason, people like to utilize nostalgic characters from their childhood to express themselves on the Internet. Well, I’m here to tell you that many of these creations perfectly describe every stage in your drama-filled relationship. From the “what are we?” conversation to falling in an out of love every 15 minutes, these memes can perfectly explain why love is complicated.

  • 1 When the dating struggle is real.

  • 2 Everyone needs that support system.

  • 3 When he confused the hell out of you.

  • 4 When you’re sick of fuccbois, but…

  • 5 And you’re just waiting your turn.

  • 6 And one day, you find true love.

  • 7 Even his friends can see it.

  • 8 Not even a text?

  • 9 When you can finally be yourself around each other.

  • 10 But you’re not ready to let yourself go.

  • 11 Fighting over the little things.

  • 12 When you just know something’s up.

  • 13 When the silent treatment won’t work.

  • 14 When you respond, “Okay, Zaddy!”

  • 15 You gotta have all the facts.

  • 16 This ain’t what you want, bruh.