No Makeup, No Problem: Check Out How These Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Pulled Up To The Reunion

Pre-glam squad!

It’s no secret that the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cleans up nice but wait until you see how they pulled up to the reunion. Before the bundles, the bling, and the bustiers, some of your faves were most defnitely #dresseddownmami (and papi). Check out some of these exclusive pics before they glow’d up!

  • 1 Dawn

  • 2 Ariane

  • 3 Sas

  • 4 Mimi

  • 5 Ariane

  • 6 Dawn

  • 7 Karlie

  • 8 Karlie

  • 9 Mimi

  • 10 Sas

  • 11 Mimi

  • 12 KK

Don’t miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion next Monday at 8/7c!

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